How to create a professional blogger | Profit cycle from Blogger

 In this post, we offer you an explanation of how to create a ready-made professional blogger blog and profit from it in Arabic in detail + blogger profit cycle + explanation of linking the blog to Adsense and linking the tk domain or any paid domain after the new update 2021

One of the most important conditions for profit from Blogger is to design a professional blog and prepare the blog to be ready for work and blogging and make money through visits and ads

But many people want to enter this field to profit from the Internet by creating websites, but they do not know where to start!

Especially after updating the new Blogger platform for the year 2020-2021, as Google has changed many things, tasks, requirements and features that were previously in the old platform

This is what we will explain to you here, how to create a blogger blog from the phone and how to make it famous among Arab blogs and reach millions of visits in the Google search engine

In addition to explaining how to write professional articles + how to write the blog title + how to install the paid and free domain + explain how to properly win an AdSense account in the blog and make it accept the blog even if it is new

First: How to create a blog from scratch

You must first create a Gmail email in order to have a Google account to start taking advantage of all free Google services, which is Blogger one of the Google services

You can create an email in less than a minute, and we explained to you in detail how to create an email in a previous post

To enter the explanation and watch a video for a practical explanation of the e-mail process, enter here

After completing the first step, you will enter the official website of the Blogger platform, and we will put all the required links for you at the end of the post

Then it will appear in the interface to specify the blog address. You write the name of the website or blog you want as it is placed in the picture

After that, you click on the Next button to be taken to choose the blog link or as it is known ((free domain)) and you click on the Next button as shown in the picture

Installing a template and a paid domain in the blog:

Now you have to choose a paid template and install it, and we will put a large set of paid and fully localized templates for you, and we will provide them to you with free download links

To preview and download the Arabized Blogger templates, go to the article below or go to the Blogger Templates section in the site sections above.

Blogger Templates Essay:

Download Top 10 Localized and Foreign Blogger Templates for 2021

You can enter the profit course from Blogger by phone via the free course and the detailed playlist on our YouTube channel, which is a free course that starts from scratch until professionalism

To enter the course from here

Thus, we will finish you explaining the creation of a blogger blog and your blog is ready, and we will put for you at the bottom a set of valuable and useful explanations regarding how to force Google Adsense to accept the new blog in just 7 days + explain the most important SEO improvement strategies in Arabic and how search engines and competition are issued quickly We advise you to visit these explanations and make use of them

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