How to make money from the Internet in America Easily make money from YouTube

 In this post, we offer you the best ways to profit from the Internet in America and how to win money for free through websites, applications and competitions to earn money easily for beginners without capital, and among these guaranteed methods is a strategy for profit from YouTube in America to work remotely and make money at home 2021 - 2022

There are many who are looking for easy ways to make money from the Internet without having prior experience in the field of working online and without having any capital, in short ... they want easy ways to make money for beginners

Perhaps these people do not know that they can actually make a profit from sites, applications, programs and games without any effort!

We will explain to you how to profit from the internet and make money from YouTube without having prior experience in this field, and without even having exclusive content of your own

How to profit from YouTube?

You will create a new YouTube channel and then you must work on sites to earn money by bringing visitors and other sites to sell mini services and display those services in your YouTube channel videos and put a link that brings you money!

Now we go into explaining the sites through which we will earn money by relying on the YouTube audience

First of all, you have to create a professional YouTube channel and set it correctly to be a strong channel and quickly reach the desired audience

To learn how to create a YouTube channel with all its requirements enter the article from here

Now that you have created a channel, we go into explaining the sites that we will rely on to make money and profit from the Internet

The most important sites that you will depend on are:

  1. Up-4ever file upload site
  2. URL shortener sites
  3. Microservice sites
  4. Profit applications

In order for the explanation to be understandable and free from difficulty and complexity, we have devoted a detailed explanation to each of these methods separately

All the required details are in a previous post in which the complete explanation is to learn how to profit from YouTube and make money from it without having content, whether you reside in America or in any other Arab country

To access a detailed explanation of all these methods, enter here

To view the links shortening sites from here

How to get thousands of hits for shortened links to maximize profits from here

You can also profit from YouTube in another way, which is by creating movie content inside the site and using the full YouTube movies to profit from them through your reliance on a fair reuse policy

You will create a sports website specializing in football sport, goal summaries, matches, news of players and stars, in addition to live and direct broadcasts of international matches that have large audiences such as the Spanish, English, Italian and French League

In turn, we bought a ready-to-install mathematical template for Blogger blogs, and we devoted a complete and detailed explanation in practical terms of how the site works, where we get the rights to live broadcasts and how to place ads to make money from them

And all these details we will put for you in a special post

To access the detailed explanation of this method and download all the files and templates required for this explanation, and to watch the video for a practical explanation of this method, enter here

Thus, we have finished explaining this innovative way and a foolproof and reliable strategy for making money for free

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