How to remove acne in minutes from the first use | The fastest way to eliminate acne and its effects for oily skin

 In this article, we offer you how to remove acne in minutes as quickly as possible through recipes to eliminate acne and its effects, fast-acting and every mixture that succeeds in getting rid of pimples from the first time and every recipe of these recipes is tried that removes love for young men and girls in one day and in minutes in some Often for oily skin

Who among us did not suffer from the many pimples of the face during adolescence and youth? There are many people who suffer from acne problems, and it is a very common problem faced by young men and girls of different ages

 Also, these pills and their effects cause a lot of inconvenience, embarrassment and extreme tension, and the reason for the appearance of pimples on the face is dermatitis, especially for those with highly sensitive oily skin.

It is the result of bacteria and also it may be heredity or from the period of adolescence, and also there are many different reasons, such as dead cells that accumulate on the skin, causing the facial pores to be blocked and through which pimples accumulate

It may also be caused by changes in age or psychological issues that are tired

That is why in this article we will present to you an explanation of the most important recipes for getting rid of acne problems on the face and how to completely remove them very quickly, whatever the reasons for their appearance

Getting rid of pills is not difficult and it is not impossible. It just takes the necessary steps. You must adhere to these recipes that we will show you .....

1- Apple cider vinegar recipe

Apple cider vinegar has a great effect on oily skin oils and gets rid of bacteria on the face through the required ingredients and the method as follows:

We add a small amount of apple cider vinegar, an amount of mineral water mixed together well and then applied to the skin and places where acne is present through the cloth without touching the hand to the skin

Leave it for ten minutes, and then wash the skin with cold water. This recipe is used daily, but pay attention if your skin is sensitive, in this case you should take an amount of apple cider vinegar with two times of mineral water and put it on the face

2- Sodium bicarbonate

This recipe helps dry the skin and maintains a level of ph that helps soften the skin, which helps you to remove acne from the first day.

The method is to add a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate with a small amount of mineral water mixed with me well to get a smooth texture that is placed on the skin, specifically in places where there are pills

And leave it for ten minutes, then wash the skin with warm water, and upon completion we add a special moisturizing cream. This recipe is used twice a week.

3- Lemon and honey recipe

Lemon is an effective and powerful remedy for getting rid of bacteria and youthful pimples for sensitive oily skin

You should add a spoonful of honey and 5 or 6 drops of lemon, then stir well and then apply it to the area where there are acne and leave it to dry for 15 minutes

Then we wash the skin with warm water, and upon completion we pass a piece of ice on the skin. This recipe is used twice or once a week. If honey is not available, you can add water instead of honey.

4- Yogurt recipe

Yogurt is considered one of the best and proven effective mixtures for removing acne, as it prevents the spread of pimples on the skin and gets rid of the effects of pimples very much.

The ingredients required for the success of this recipe is adding a teaspoon of yogurt with an appropriate amount of water, specifically mineral water

After that, we mix the ingredients together and then put them on the face and places of acne and leave the face for a full night and on the second day in the morning we wash the skin with warm water

Use this recipe daily for 7 days

5- Potato recipe

It is one of the easiest free recipes that are available in every home and is a natural recipe for acne removal

The way to prepare the recipe is that we will sprinkle the potato bean and then extract the juice and put the potato juice on the places where the grains are

It is preferred for the entire face skin and left to dry and then wash the skin with warm water Use this recipe daily for a week or two and you will get a wonderful and imaginative result to get rid of acne and all kinds of pimples and their effects permanently

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