Interpretation of a dream about cats: all types of these visions

 In this article we offer you the interpretation of a dream about cats in a dream with all kinds of this vision ((many cats - for pregnant - for married - for divorced women - colored kittens - for single people - death of cats - in the bathroom - eating meat - for men))

In his interpretation of seeing cats, Ibn Sirin said that seeing cats in a dream often indicates bad luck

If you see in a dream a cat is attacking you, it indicates that you have many enemies and they always try to destroy your reputation and that they always want to make you a desperate and sad person

And if you saw that you were able to keep the cat away from you, this indicates that you will confront them and overcome them and your misfortunes, and God knows best.

And whoever saw that there was a cat who scratched you, this is his interpretation indicating that the presence of a person will be able to detract from your position, and God knows best.

And whoever sees in a dream that he heard the sound of the cat screaming, it indicates that you are meeting a friend who has betrayed you, and God knows
And whoever sees in his dream a clean white cat that many believe is good in a dream, but the opposite is true, as it may indicate a loss of hope, sadness and worries, and God knows best.

If a girl sees in her dream that she is carrying a cat, then it indicates that she is exposed to a lot of betrayal and problems, and God knows best.

And seeing a white cat reflects your view of yourself, whether you are attractive, beautiful, conceited, and flaunting yourself. If you see you very white, beautiful and elegant, then it indicates your marriage to someone who does not care about you and God knows best.

As for seeing a white cat in a dream that is strong and bad-tempered, it indicates that your deeds and what you wish for and your happiness have been destroyed, and God knows best.
As for seeing a black cat most of the time, it indicates bad luck and problems

If you see that a black cat is attacking you in a dream, then it indicates that you will progress more in your relationships and God knows best.

Seeing a black cat indicates sadness and delusions. Seeing his killing in a dream indicates good and safety, and God knows best

If you see in a dream that a black cat is heading against you, then it indicates that your joy and happiness have gone

But if you see a black cat heading towards you, then it indicates happiness and tell you that you will be happy in your coming days because it brings happiness with him and if he is gone he takes happiness with him and God knows best

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