Libra today and tomorrow What are the traits and advice of a Libra man for this week for men and women

 In this post, we present to you the character of the Libra man, what distinguishes them, what are the characteristics of this sign for the man and the woman today and tomorrow for this week, what are the faults of the Libra sign, and on all days from Saturday to Thursday in relation to love and emotionally, and what is the advice of the owner of the Libra

Traits of a Libra

Libra belongs to the element of air, and with it Aquarius and Gemini, and this is what makes the owners of these parts more intelligent and motivated

They are the great people in their relationships and they are one of the people who love expensive things

They like pink and green and the lucky numbers are 4.6. 13. 15. 24

The symbol for their scale is the shoulders, they are born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October, and they are among the people who are worthy of high intelligence.

And the owners of this Libra have great strength and resolute determination to make successful and strong relationships and they are among the signs that love peace and safety.

They can also make a very strong relationship with the owners of the air signs, such as Gemini and Aquarius, and with regard to their relationship with the earth signs, it requires a great effort from both parties and may not continue like Capricorn

And also water signs like Cancer, for the success of their relationship, they will need a lot of effort from them

People of Libra men they have a strong love for work and their personality is very charming and they love change a lot because they get bored quickly and do not like repetitive routines

What distinguishes them their mentality is that they have a great balance in all matters of their lives, emotional, practical, physical, and love as well, and they have beautiful ideas and wonderful dreams, but they may face problems with the people they relate to, so they prefer to be associated with someone who understands them

What makes them special is that they always leave a good impression behind them and leave a beautiful memory with anyone they see

They do not like feeling lonely, they love lovable people like them, and they do not like arrogant or neglectful people

They like attention and commitment a lot and they have a problem giving up their personal freedom for the sake of those they love and never like to sit at home, they like to go out and have fun in their time and they like very organized and tidy places

The chaos is very annoying, irritable, and they love external beauty

They are distinguished in their reasoning and logical thinking and love visual works such as camera, photography, designs, words and speech

And they have a charming way to deal with others, they love to do good to others and have a very nice behavior with those who love they fear difficult tasks, love simple tasks and have sensitivity

Their feelings are very gentle, and parents should deal with him with gentle tenderness and deal with him as if he is confident in himself in the work projects that he undertakes, if any.

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