Sagittarius and its attributes today and tomorrow | What is the advice for this week for men and women

 In this post, we present to you the characteristics of the Sagittarius person today and tomorrow, what distinguishes them, and what is the advice given to them this week for men and women emotionally and in relation to love, money and luck

Traits of Sagittarius today and tomorrow

Sagittarians born between November 22 and December 21, and they are people who belong to the fiery celebs

It is also ranked ninth in the signs and they are very successful. The owners of Sagittarius with Aries are in love a lot

Also, Libra, Gemini, and Leo, as they like light colors and blue, but these things do not apply to all people in Sagittarius

Among the qualities and advice of a Sagittarian man is that their spirit is very childish and they love guidance, no matter how simple or cheap it is

Among their wonderful qualities are that they are spontaneous, romantic, and enjoy fulfillment in love very quickly

And the Sagittarian man is very loyal to his partner and sweetheart, and they also have a fickle temperament that never settles for their feelings. This is due to the influence of the fire element.

And he is very honest in nature and does not like lying, even if they are forced to lie, they are never good at it like others, they never know lying

And he can only lie to themselves to convince himself that his world is beautiful, wonderful and perfect

They also love and wish good for everyone. They have a strong belief in luck. They believe in a great and exaggerated manner, and this is what makes them do many activities without thinking or awareness.

And he never thinks if it is dangerous or not because they have very strong optimism and they like to help themselves and those they love

They have a strong love for adventure and risk, love to explore and analyze everything, and have a great curiosity to know everything in this world

He also loves to listen to everyone around him, does not ignore anything, is very committed, and they have a very charming and attractive smile, and they can achieve what they wish with the will and determination they possess.

And among the characteristics of the Sagittarius woman is characterized by charming beauty in her attractive laugh, she has great vitality and this is what makes her beloved by everyone who sees her

She is very honest and has great confidence, as she trusts quickly, is loyal and always believes in her feelings, and does not know lies or hypocrisy

The Sagittarian woman loves adventure and loves to get to know everything new and explore everything and has a high courage and she cannot agree with people who do not have the same characteristics as her and what she loves and she does what she always wants

Never hesitate, whatever the cost, and she is very shy and has a calm and childish spirit, and she is also romantic.

She tends to the person who shares happiness and laughter with her, as she is also always fun and happy, never bored, loves good for everyone, does not carry her heart on anyone, and she does not like to break anyone's heart even if

They broke it, but it forgave a lot

She has a very great love for her family and friends and sincere to them, as she is enthusiastic and interesting, loves to work hard and never exploits anyone, and her personality is social and she loves to develop friendships and devote to them and help them in their lives and can be relied upon

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