Scorpio and its attributes today and tomorrow | What is the advice of a Scorpio for a man and a woman?

 In this article, we present to you the characteristics and personality of Scorpio today and tomorrow, what distinguishes them, and what is the advice of the owner of the sign for this week emotionally and with regard to life in general and love for men and women

Traits of Scorpio today

Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 21, and the water element belongs to Scorpios

It follows to the densest stars in the zodiac and its ruling planets Mars and Pluto, and both planets explain their very strong power and ability to succeed.

It is expected that the owners of the signs that belong to the water element, such as Cancer and Pisces, have a very strong ability to succeed in their relationship with the owners of the horoscope of Scorpio, as they can support them and understand their feelings and always support them

And also the signs that belong to the elements of the earth such as Virgo and Capricorn also grant strength, support and determination in achieving their goals

And the owners of Gemini and Aquarius who belong to the element of air may continue the relationship with the owners of Scorpio will continue the relationship, but with difficulty, they will face difficulties together, and some problems will continue, but a small percentage of their relationship with the constellations that belong to the element of fire such as Leo

They will never agree, and they will face many problems together and will not continue, and what distinguishes Scorpio owners is that they are interesting and attractive a lot

But these things do not apply to all people who belong to Scorpio, just as what distinguishes them is many, because they have a very high concentration because if they set their goal in front of them and want to achieve it, they will not be distracted by anything and will reach it no matter what it costs them.

They have tremendous power to achieve the goal, and if they fail, they will never stop trying until they reach what they want

And they have high and strong courage, they do not fear, do not hesitate, and love challenges very much, they have strength to love challenges and there is no room for them to abandon or withdraw as if their hearts are iron and are more cruel to their achievements as well.

One of their most important qualities is that they have a love for loyalty and loyalty so much that they value those who stand with them and do not forget those who do them good and the favor of people over them

They stand with those who need them and never hesitate, no matter what the matter costs them in terms of financial, practical, emotional and other matters.

They have great ambition and dream about many things and their competitive advantage is very strong and they have jealousy of other people and very intense jealousy and do not like to share their lives with anyone.

They never allow anyone to interfere in their lives, and they have great confidence in themselves and love to get to know new people.

Also, those who see them from afar think that they are arrogant and arrogant, but after approaching them and getting to know them from the inside, they will discover that they have a good heart and a very soft heart and they have a strong love for their family.

They are not at all wasteful and know very well where they spend their money and they do not spend it on anyone but the things that are worth and need, as they bring happiness and joy into the hearts of their friends and families.

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