The best free professional text-to-text to English program for Android and iPhone

 In this post, we offer you to download the best application to convert text and text into Arabic-English professional voice for free for Android and iPhone with a free download link. You can convert writing into English audio that can be used in montage on YouTube such as the Do you know channel and others. It is Narrator’s Voice program

We all know that hearing is much faster than reading and provides us with a lot of time and relaxes us a lot, and during work or study we will need a lot to read and this tires us greatly and there are many people reading articles, they can convert the text into a very professional female or male voice, a woman's voice or a man's voice Or even a child's voice

That is why many platforms have provided audio books instead of written, but this is not enough.

There are many articles that we need to read daily on your phone and they take a lot of our time and need a long time, unlike hearing completely

But there are ways to convert writing into an audio reading, and it is very good that a solution has been found, and in this post we will show you the best applications that convert writing into voice

Narrator’s Voice Application Explained

This application converts writing into clear and audible voice reading well and this application is in phones

The most beautiful thing about this application is that it supports all languages, including Arabic, and also the way to work in this application is very simple and wonderful that you will not need to tire at all

Only when you download this application that we will put you to download a link at the end of the post How to work on this application is very simple when you download this application shows you the interface to choose the language you choose the language you want and you want to work and share it on the application

Then you convert writing and ready texts into phonetic reading

It provides you with settings to increase the speed of reading and it will read to you in a very loud and clear voice

This application reads for you in all fonts, such as PDF, EPUB and electronic writing, a wonderful and very simple application, and there are many people who need a very important and wonderful application

It works with the wonderful and advanced Convert text to voice technology

To download the application for Android in apk format

from here

To download the program for iPhone, iPad, and iOS devices

from here

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