The best program to easily design WhatsApp video cases | How to create awesome phone cases

 We offer you the best software to easily download WhatsApp video cases by phone for free | Create video statuses for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram from the Android mobile via the Beauty Text application in various awesome and varied shapes and techniques ((normal cases - love cases - black screen - chelates - cases of sadness))

Are you looking for an Android app that enables you to create WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram cases easily from a mobile phone?

No, the Beauty Text program is suitable for you and it is the one that will enrich you for research, through which you will enjoy the work of the best horrible and superstitious cases without any prior experience in montage and design

Story and stories that exist in social media applications is very widespread on all platforms, sites and programs

It is also used in commercial and personal accounts and many others, and wherever it is published, we must choose a wonderful publication, and what we always strive for is the best beautiful and attractive publication that draws the attention of all who see it and fits our personality, ideas, style and what we love

That is why we will show you the best application for designing images and creating stories and cases through it, follow us, it is a great application for creating stories and cases for social networking sites and social applications such as whatsapp, facebook and instagram

Features of Beauty Text program

This application has all the things you need to create great stories and makes it high quality without any need for knowledge in montage and design

Also, working in this application is very easy, simple and easy to use and does not need instructions at all because it is a very special application and it is completely free

And the most beautiful equipment is available to modify fonts in order to create an imaginative and wonderful image and put it on the stories and cases that we publish in the story

How to create WhatsApp cases?

The way to use this application is very cool and it is in three simple steps to create a case

At the beginning, we choose the image that we want to put in the stories or cases, and then we click on the option, put the text we want and choose the appropriate lines in order to make the best image and bite it on the cases

It also has many wonderful and distinctive effects

When the design is finished, you can love it with high quality and publish it on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and many other sites, really an application worth trying

Link to download the application for Android in apk format

from here

The download link for a program for iPhone is quite similar to this purpose, which is Typorama

from here

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