The most important mobile applications | 3 most popular free programs

 In this post we provide a detailed explanation to you about the best mobile applications for Android and iPhone for the year 2020-2021, very fabulous and wonderful programs that you have to download on the smartphone and try them and you will benefit a lot from them are smart applications and make it easy for you a lot of things are the most important free applications in the world you will regret if you did not try them Because it is supernatural and it is the best for this week. You will be happy with it after downloading it on mobile

There are many mobile users looking for the most famous paid and free applications in the world for phones running Android and iOS operating systems such as iPhone and iPad and this week

We will provide you with the best useful and famous applications used by millions around the world, we will explain all of them and explain to you each application and we will put you a link to download each application and what distinguishes each application in them and what is done

All this we will explain to you in this post, and all of them are useful applications and their use is very easy and there are no problems with us. What are the applications and their features

Intro Maker app

Intro Maker is one of the free and distinctive applications that it is very fabulous and it allows you to create your own intro video and gives you fictional animated texts and its effects are very awesome

The beauty of the texts and how they move is very wonderful. When you download this application from Google Play, many fancy and terrible introductions will appear to you

Also, you can choose the shapes you want just by clicking on what you want and then it will start to preview and you type the text that you want and choose its shape and color. Several templates will appear for you and upon completion it will create the 3D Interro that you want and save it

It has a very great and high quality, and then you have an intro ready to use and you can create it for your YouTube channel or anything you want

Really, it is a fantastic and wonderful application in every sense of the word, and the most beautiful of its ease of use, download and enjoy it and make your own intro.

Android download link from here

Download the iPhone app from here

IFTTT Program

IFTTT is one of the most important applications for mobile phones and one of the smartest, most intuitive and very simple applications

Working with it is very smooth and it works in a set of tasks on your phone, but you specify it for the application as if you made a video for YouTube and downloaded it, it is automatically after you program it on any application you want to share it will share it to you on the rest of the social networking sites that you want

When you download the application, you open, you will click on the plus sign, after which these options will appear, and it has several great features that may be useful to you during programming

There is also an option to share the post you want on the sites you want, such as Facebook, Instagram, or any other application

Also, these things will make it easier for you a lot of the things that were difficult and exhausting for you, as there are many services available within the application, such as things related to the location

Example: If you entered a house that turns on the Wi-Fi or that it works for you in tasks within the application and there are many other things that do not end

To download the application for Android from here

Download for iPhone and iPad from here

Sin de La Neture app

It is the very distinctive Sin de La Neture application and it is one of the most popular mobile applications for Android and iPhone for the year 2020 with many people in all countries of the world

It is definitely a very wonderful and mythical application, this application gives you many fantastic and imaginative sounds related to nature and the sounds have been chosen with great precision and care

It also makes you relax and relax while hearing it as it allows you to add the sounds you want, such as the sound of fire or the sounds of birds and everything related to nature.

There are many imaginative and relaxing sounds for the soul, and many wonderful, such as forests, waterfalls, rain and storms, as well as the sounds of grass and rain on trees, grass and many others that do not cross your mind

To download the application for Android from here

To download the application for iPhone from here

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