Top 10 Dieting Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss | Advice to prevent sabotage of dieting and information on forbidden food

 In this article, we present to you the most dangerous and most common mistakes that prevent weight loss, which are 13 errors, in addition to tips, directions, and an explanation of the most important forbidden eating during harsh dieting to prevent sabotage, confusion and ailment, and what are the required amounts of food, all of this you will find here ....

What mistakes do you make during a diet that may cause you not to benefit from the diet? We will show you this post the mistakes that you make during the diet, continue with us, and after you finish reading this important information, you will no longer say "ruined the diet."

1- One of the most important mistakes that the dieters get is the lack of food quantities and not eating, for this is considered one of the most dangerous things that you do while following the diet, so you do not have to deprive your body of food and you must avoid it because it is very dangerous for your body.

And beware of following the harsh and short diet to get rid of obesity, as it is very dangerous, in order to get a fit and healthy body, you must follow a diet from specialists in diet matters

Beware of short and harsh diet, this is one of the most severe mistakes in dieting, so beware of them a lot

2- Not eating is considered a very dangerous thing to the body when starting a diet, this is because of the sabotage of the diet, so you have to eat between three and five meals a day in which the calories are low and a small amount to avoid common dieting mistakes

You should not feel quickly frustrated while not getting a good result in a short period because the diet takes a long time in order to get a satisfactory and healthy result

3- Among the most prominent mistakes that many make while following the diet is making a list of things that they eat and allocate organized foods every day that are few, this is a very big mistake

And you have to stay away from it

4- Among the mistakes that you make is stopping the diet for a while and returning to it again, this causes great harm in the body and instability in properly, and thus you have ruined the diet

Because breakfast is very important to the body and it does not cause weight gain or obesity at all, as breakfast is a basic meal and is required for a healthy body

Dieting specialists emphasized that you should eat breakfast in the morning and be a light meal, or at least you drink a cup of juice on a daily basis when waking up in the morning

5- Another mistake is not exercising in the morning because not exercising destroys the metabolism process, so you must exercise at least two or three times a week

6- Among the other mistakes that prevent the success of the diet is that they weigh their weight in a very short period and permanently! So you should avoid this matter because it is not good

7- Another mistake is lack of sleep, and this is a great danger, and according to many sources, they have declared that a person who does not sleep much will eat a lot or not burn fat in his body, and this in itself is more dangerous than eating sweets for those who want the followers of the sugars diet in which is very high

If you are one of the people who follow the diet, stay away from sweets altogether

8- Drink a lot of water and eat vegetables, fruits, oats, lentils and brown rice, because it is very suitable for dieters

9 - Increase the number of juices and natural drinks, not fizzy drinks, as these things will help you to keep your feeling full even though they contain fiber and are suitable for diet.

There is another mistake, and this is most people who follow the diet, do it, is not eating breakfast, this is a very big mistake

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