Top 10 online games for iPhone with friends | New team games for mobile

in this post we offer you the best online team games for mobile with friends for iPhone and iPad for free with chat for girls and boys with chat | Top 10 binary games with friends, collective and individual, for fighting, horror, excitement, suspense, adventure, and enthusiasm for adults and children at the same time, some of them work online, and some of them work on phones that run on the iOS operating system without the net with links to download for free

Many people love games for entertainment, wasting time, and enjoying them. Games loved by adults and children and many people do not know their own games that please them. We will offer you the best games for iPhone and iPad at all.

Special Forces game

It is the best fighting game with great specifications that features the following:

Distinctive graphic as if you are in a real life

Skins for free weapons

Infinite weapons and weapons development potential

Infinite stages

The game supports singleplayer and online play

The size of the game is small and does not exceed 200 MB

You can invite friends to play with you

Smooth play and easy control

Supports all types of bombs in combat ((smoke bomb - fire bomb - explosive bomb))

Modification to the player's profile at any time

One of the most important features of Special Forces Group 2 is the ability to manually craft weapons and color them as the player wants

Link to download the game from here

GTA 5 game

The GTA 5 game is a one-person street war game, and the game can be played online with friends via special servers that have been created manually.

It is considered one of the most popular games on mobile and was previously only available on computers, but the new game was released to work on iPhones and iPads for free

The game is characterized by being realistic for streets, shapes, faces, cars, bikes, and everything inside the game is realistic, so it was called the realistic game

GTA 5 has been a hit and a wide spread around the world because of the aesthetics and fun of the game

We will offer you the game with a direct download link after we put this video for you, in which we explain the game in detail

In the video below, we will explain how to download the game and how to run it and install it correctly on your iPhone

We will also explain how to adjust game settings and how to create servers to play with your friends, and this is what makes them more fun

You can buy weapons, cars and bikes, and you can extract them from people by force, and the police will pursue you in the game

To download the game from here

Asphalt 9: Legends

This game for racing and enthusiastic fans is a very cool game with more than 60 cars and many challenges

You can earn money from it to expand and upgrade your car and machinery

It is also amazing speed and fairy challenges, the most beautiful of which is its accuracy and enthusiasm, really a very wonderful and fairy game

To download from here

Stardew Valley game

It is one of the best online team and dual games to play with friends. You can play it online and offline as you wish and as you like

This game makes you enjoy it a lot and it is very wonderful, the game system is a farm and there are a series of games in which there is a plot of your own for you

You have to create your own farm, grow seasonal crops and also take care of livestock

To enjoy it, it allows you to search for very rare components, it is a great game and the most beautiful thing in it is easy to play, comfortable and light, it is superstitious and really wonderful

To download the game from here

Clash Royale game

It's a great strategy game based on collecting cards and buying

It is a game that requires defense and offense expertise and making alliances with friends and allies to defeat the enemies

It is one of the most beautiful and best iPhone games at all, and it is much more important than the Clash of Clans game, which topped the list of the most popular and famous games, due to its terrible graphics. It is a fairy tale game in every sense of the word for those who love war games and building armies and alliances

It is a very distinctive game and is considered one of the best games and the most beautiful thing is that it is collective because it is an addictive game with its beauty and enjoyment and the way to play with it is very wonderful in which there are many cards while playing and you can play with other people and it is free and has many features paid and you can buy fairy and wonderful game cards

To download from here

Call of Duty Mobile

This game is very wonderful and its fairy-tale strategy provides you with a competition with other people with you multiplayer and participates with a rival team for you and there are qualifiers and the opening of modern weapons developed to compete and loads play and shoot down a lot of enemies

To download from here

Civilization VI

This game is more than wonderful because it is a free game and it provides you with another version of the paid game and its price is approximately 10 dollars. The opportunity to play in it is very distinctive and enthusiastic. It is worth paying for it. It is very similar to the game Civilization on the computer, for this reason it is the most powerful iPhone games

It is the strongest war game on the iPhone mobile, it is a free strategic war game for everyone

You can also, through the game, buy the paid version, which has many advantages to strengthen armies and fortify cities to confront and defeat enemies.

The idea of ​​the game is inspired by the monthly American Hollywood movies, specifically the films of Wars, Thrones and Kingdoms

You will definitely love it after trying it

To download the game from here

Hotel Empire Tycoon game

You will create a hotel and next to you a large group of hotels that compete with you to win customers to stay in their hotels

And the owners of these hotels are real players who develop and build hotels just like you

What is required of you is to build a hotel with modern technology that suits you, and then you have to build gardens and swimming pools inside the hotel, and you have to take care of the cleanliness of the restaurant and employ employees and workers to take care of customers' affairs

This is the principle of the game, it is a terrible and crazy idea that makes us aspire to try it even once

To download from here

Mario Kart Tour game

It is a game that follows the famous cartoon character "Super Mario" that we lived with our childhood with, represented by the character "Mario"

But it differs somewhat from the traditional Super Mario games, as this game is a race of cars with many well-known characters in the cartoon series Super Mario and the main character and it is suitable for all age groups, gender, male and female, suitable for young and old, girls, women and young men as well, because it is a game Entertaining for all ages

You can play it online with your friends through the availability of the Internet for people who want to play together with each other, and they must download the game and be present on the mobile, and they will be able to play with each other

To download from here


PUBG Mobile game and those who do not know it we all know well millions of people who played it and addicted to it from its splendor and the idea of ​​playing in it is fairy and endowed with one of the most powerful online war games in which it is played individually or collectively by creating a team consisting of 4 players who play in a team and must remain alive until Eliminate all players

And it is distinguished by its accuracy and the most beautiful thing in it that it is possible to play with 100 people, the war is strong and the survival of the strongest, and the game enables you to talk with friends with chat online

Download from here

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