Top 3 apps to recover deleted photos and videos from phone without root

 In this post we offer you to download the 3 best applications to retrieve deleted photos and videos from the phone for Android and iPhone for free without root and through these programs you can restore all files from the mobile easily

Pictures are important in everyone's devices and although we create backup copies of the pictures there are times when we lose them and by deleting them for reasons or other unintentionally and by re-deleting accidentally and this happens to many people and it is because of the pressure to delete instead of preservation This is what causes your private and precious photos to be deleted

But if you only have a backup copy of the deleted photos, it is much easier for you to restore them from

During restoring the backup, but sometimes the backup is in trouble, and for this reason we will never be able to restore images through it, and the most appropriate solution is to restore images through programs. Recover deleted images and files and for this reason we will show you the best applications to recover deleted photos and files deleted from devices and we chose you for you Best software for Android and iOS

Follow the best programs to recover deleted photos and files from the phone, choose what suits you and download it to mobile for free

Dr. Fone application Dr.Fone

We recommend Dr.Fone, as this application is the first in the world and among the best mobile applications for recovering photos and videos

The application has obtained many downloads that reached millions of downloads and won the admiration of all its users

It is the most reliable application in the business and it works by searching the device and the complete data, searching for pictures, videos, files and documents lost or deleted from the smartphone that may have been deleted by mistake

It also searches the data inside the device and it does not only work to recover pictures, it recovers audio files, numbers, and many files

It is a very fancy and wonderful application, and it has gained great popularity and it is very cool and working with it is very simple and restores for you what you want, whether it is numbers, sounds, pictures or videos

Really is the best photo recovery app, try it now and you will not regret it

To download the application for Android

from here

Download link for iPhone

from here

Recuva Program | Recuva

Recuva is very cool, it's free, and you can simply use it to recover lost photos, files, and songs

The only problem with this application is that it cannot be restored from the device's internal storage, only the SD card. However, it is a very effective and wonderful application and you can restore even regular SMS and e-mail messages very easily and without any problems

Although there are some users of this application, files are not recovered from the first attempt, they must try again to recover the files completely, and this is because it is a free application, but when you try again, it restores it completely and easily and without any problems, a very wonderful, distinctive and easy-to-use application.

To download the program for Android

from here

To enter an explanation of how to download the program for iPhone

from here

Application Undeleteer | Undeleter

Undeleter Pro application is one of the best applications for recovery and it is very good and useful for retrieving files deleted from the device as it only uses rooted devices and it is very easy to use

All you have to do is install this application on the device. All that you want to recover from the internal files and the SD card memory is a very wonderful application

Everything you want from the mobile is quickly imported, and you can store the files that you have restored on Google Drive or Dropbox, a very cool and distinct application.

To download the application for Android

from here

Download link for iPhone

from here

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