Top 3 online horror games for iPhone and iPad, free download link

In this post, we will offer you the best horror games for iPhone and iPad for adults and girls Best 3 online team scary games to play with friends

We will show you some horror games for enthusiasm and suspense scary horror games for adventure lovers suitable for adults as they are exciting and enthusiastic games for fans of horror, adventure and suspense, and we will give you horror games and explain them to you and how to play with them

Identity V game

This game is considered one of the strongest collective horror games for girls and adults. It is one of the most popular online horror games and has won the admiration of all its users.

You must remain strong and steadfast to protect yourself and those with you, because there will be other people with you that you must protect

There is a lost girl that you have to find and protect yourself from injustice, and from here the adventure begins, challenges and many experiences

In this game, you have to find the girl and not harm her, and you can choose what you are in the game, either the prey or the hunter

It is thus a popular online horror game for those wishing to play with friends

The most beautiful thing is its wonderful accuracy

To download the game from here

Granny game

It is a downloadable game for iPhone and iPad, and it is one of the most terrifying and frightening games, and it is free for phones. What you have to do in this game is to escape from the house of a very dangerous evil woman

Because you will be trapped in her home and you must be very careful that anything falls on the ground because she will follow you

And beware of making her see you, because if she sees you, she will hold you and destroy you, and you have to be the top of caution and accuracy.

You must find the key and search the house for the key, and you must find a weapon to put the old woman to sleep and so that you can escape from it

You will be very excited about it. You have to escape 5 days from this evil hiding under the beds and inside the cupboards

Download from here

Slendrina The Cellar

This game is very strong, enthusiastic and much terrifying, and it has also had a lot of downloads and downloads in the Apple Store from iPhone and iPad users.

It is a very scary game and there are many challenges in a place called the basement. You have to run from a girl who tries to chase you and kill you in order to get rid of you

And you have to focus and pay attention to escape, and what you have to do is there are many scattered books that you have to collect and also be very careful of the girl and escape from her and not let her catch you and you win the game

There are also keys that you must collect in order to open closed doors and protect yourself well

There are 3 stages, each stage is different from the one before it, and it allows you to choose the level of the game. Easy, Medium and Difficulty options

This is what makes her special, interesting, and her adventure truly fantastic and awesome

Download the game from here

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