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 We are back to you in this post, in which we offer you the best 3 programs for making 3D animated graphics for 3D computer for free | Fictional filmmaking and cartoon animation software

If you are looking for free and complete programs to learn how to make animated cartoons, see with us the best programs. We have chosen the best and most used programs for you, and they are also free programs and work with them as my fairy

That is why we recommend that you follow this post and see the best free animation programs with us

We will provide a simple explanation about each program and its features. All the programs that we will show you are distinctive and working with them is very simple. Follow us

Blender Program

Blender, or as they call it in Arabic, "Blender," is one of the best 3D animation programs

This program includes a paintbrush that has been added to the program and is known as Grease Pencil, and this brush allows you to draw in three-dimensional form, which includes cut-out animations, hand-animated graphics.

It is really a very wonderful and distinctive program that you will not need to learn from because it is a very simple and easy to use program and its features are fantastic and easy to use

It also provides you with distinct ideas for making comfortable and excellent animated films. It is an imaginary application and deserves to be tried and has many modern advanced features

To download it from here

Krita Program

This program is considered one of the best free programs for making 3D computer animation

It is also greatly appreciated, is very wonderful for hand animation, as it includes more than 100 brushes in various different shapes

It also has many fanciful and varied effects and reduces hand tremors while at work, it is a very cool program and we will put you a small download link to suit weak devices 32 bit and 64 bit

It is wonderful and easy to use to work on the computer and very suitable and the cartoon is distinguished in it as it has many wonderful features worth trying

Download the program from here


This program was formerly a paid animation animation from Autodesk, but now it has become a free program for cam and pencil2D.

It is also considered a very great program for beginners because it has an imaginative interface, easy to control and easy to understand

It also does not require an educational program and its brushes, which look very natural while drawing, are also considered one of the best programs for animation.

It will not make you disappointed in its use or its work. You can make professional movies by using and writing multiple scripts and animations

It also has many great features. Re-placement of the user interface. There are lessons for you in the list to teach on this program in an easy and simple way

To download the 32-bit program

from here

To download the 64-bit program

from here

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