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 In this article, we present to you the characteristics of Pisces, what are its most important features, and what is the fortune of the sign today, tomorrow and next week, and what are its faults emotionally and practically, and in which month the birth of Pisces Maggie and Carmen

Pisces is considered a water sign and the planet Neptune, born of Pisces, is between 19 February to 20 March, and its rank in the zodiac is 12

It is in the last rank and its symbol is two fish swimming in the opposite direction, and this symbolizes that the owners of Pisces live two different worlds, one in which they live is realistic and the other is in dreams, imagination and illusions

It is a spiritual sign, and those who bear this sign have a very strong ability to imagine and dream, but this may lead to spiritual release in their bodies and the spirit, and this is in the ruling planet Neptune, the planet of imagination and inspiration

Also, Pisces people love friends and family very much, and they are very friendly and love to take care of themselves and those around them

He can be the best of friends and affection, and he can be relied upon and rely on them a lot, and that they are a constant rib for everyone who needs and that they can be the well of the wicked and stop them very much and fulfill a need for everyone who needs them and carry out their desires without any hesitation, whether it is material or actual, they do not hesitate.

People of Pisces today value the family very much, they love the strip of their life a lot, they care a lot about it, they give them great attention and they like to express their feelings

They also love to work a lot and are active and never get tired of their work and love their colleagues at work and they are very intelligent and hardworking

They always strive to get the highest ranks and love him to be the best, as his work is always successful, innovative and beautiful. His qualities are distinguished by intelligence, work, love, confidence and courage.

They have great courage and are distinguished in their ideas. They are also able to assume great responsibility and the most difficult tasks and they accomplish them intelligently and powerfully.

Pisces also possesses the same qualities and style, and they have a passion that always drives them to share their achievements

And their experiences prefer the owners of Pisces a much more practical life than a social one. The Pisces woman is distinguished by his high morals and that her ideas are not at all traditional and she loves to show her feelings

She gets the admiration of everyone around her and whoever sees her. She is also very sensitive and the word can change her emotional state. She is also very affectionate and cares a lot about those around her and those she loves.

She appreciates all those who appreciate her and loves to stay in touch with everyone she loves, and she never hesitates a compassionate, intelligent and sensitive woman with a great shortcoming and often beautiful

She loves to be the first, the strongest and the smartest, and loves to take care of her outward appearance and spirit a lot

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