Virgo emotionally: what are his traits and faults, and what are the tips today and tomorrow for men and women

 Today we will present to you in this post the character of the Virgo, what distinguishes them, what are the emotional characteristics of the Virgo man for the man and the woman, what is the advice for this week, and what are the faults and luck of the Virgo for the days of Saturdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays by Jacqueline Akiki and Muneeb Al-Sheikh and according to what Maggie, Carmen and Naglaa Qabbani mentioned

Traits of Virgo today and tomorrow

The owners of the Virgo sign belong to the element of the earth with the signs of Capricorn and Taurus, and they are among the people who have a strong and bold personality and they are among the people who love order and daily routine

They are among the people who love the customs and traditions of the family and these things cause them to fall under the rule of the planet Mercury

Virgo guys have a deep sensitivity, and this is what makes them creative in communicating with others and a lot of creative people and very sensitive

Whoever wonders about the sign of the Virgo in which month, the answer is that they were born between August 23 and September 22, and they love pale colors, gentlemen, light yellow and beige, and their lucky numbers are

And most of the signs that are compatible with the Virgo are Taurus and Capricorn because the relativism of thinking between them is similar and they agree together

As for their relationship with water signs such as Scorpio and Cancer, their relationship is very ideal and highly successful

As for the signs of Aries and Aquarius, you need a lot of effort and compromise on both sides and the failure of a relationship that they can fall into with Sagittarius, because they do not agree with the sign of the Virgo and the sign of Sagittarius, they failed together, which is the reason for the difference in the pattern with them

And they are the ones who always love achievements and progress and have strong jealousy within them. They are jealous of those who are better than them

Also, everything we say is just beliefs and does not apply to all people who are Virgo, as they have a strong skill in organizing their times and their affairs.

She prefers not to tell anyone about her secrets, as she is an innocent and kind person and can rely on herself without relying on anyone. She loves to see the ones she loves and tries hard to keep them happy and does not need anyone, and it can be a strong support for everyone who needs her and does not hesitate and leave Someone ever needs it no matter what the cost of the matter, and she loves to be a home of secrets for her friends, her family and everyone she loves

She always strives to be perfect and successful and does not feel comfortable if she is not one of the first and does not like to hesitate about something she wants.

As for the characteristics of the Virgo man, it is known that the Virgo man is a very intelligent and strong man, and whoever sees him thinks that he is arrogant.

But he is the opposite, he is a person and a man who is confident of himself and smart and loves people who like his personality as he is a fan of tasks and carries them out properly and correctly without any mistakes or remorse

He is a person who works hard and thinks and does not decide anything without having thought about him much and knows that it is the right choice and he loves cooperation and participation

He is also a very additive person who loves order and accuracy and does not like chaos at all, and he is a person who loves unity often likes to share his privacy with anyone but himself because it is difficult for him to trust anyone

He also hates anyone to interfere in his life or privacy, as he is a person who never forgot the offender, he keeps remembering them and also does not forget those who help him and stand beside him

He is one of those who like regularity in time and hate neglect and love those who care about them and stand by them and do not like to hear the thoughts of others

They only trust their ideas and opinions, and he loves everyone around him to stay always happy and does not like sadness

He trusts very well that he will not lose anything that is good for him, he has complete certainty that what he lost did not belong to him, and he is not afraid to leave anyone

They have very great stubbornness and they wish to be in the first place always and never accept compromise. They have a very strong personality and high confidence in themselves and their health. They also love sports very much and enjoy activity.

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