What are harmful apps for Android | Malicious programs, you should delete and remove them now

 In this post, I presented to you an explanation of the most important harmful applications for Android and the most widespread in our phones and mobiles, how to delete and remove them from mobile phones, what are their serious and malicious damage to mobile, how to disable the harmful application and how to show you that it has been deactivated

We all know that malicious apps for Android devices are not new to us and there are hundreds, but thousands, of harmful apps for Android

Therefore, today we will show you the most dangerous applications that can be downloaded for Android devices and advise you to delete them all, just as Google Play has deleted hundreds or thousands of harmful applications for Android because it is very harmful for Android.

But the worrying thing is that this problem will not be solved and get rid of all harmful applications from Google Play until there are many of them and that there are 7% of harmful applications in the Google Play Store

I will show you 13 applications, if they are on your phone, you should delete them and get rid of them as soon as possible because they are very harmful for Android devices as they steal your money or hack

Your phone and spying on it, so you must be wary of any application or program that you download, download and install on your phone

Many people face this problem and are surprised that their money is running low without doing anything, and it does not occur to them that these applications are the reason

That is why Sophos Police have protected from these harmful applications for Android devices and noticed that they are harmful and that offer you very expensive subscriptions, such as what GadgetsNow has shown that this application called FLeeceware that makes its users buy things that they think are with their knowledge and is in fact due to not showing the conditions and the subscription Also, this is because the terms and conditions are hidden

In this way, you may lose hundreds of dollars, and we have uncovered some of these applications, which are available on Google Play, and some of them have been removed, but they are still available and available for download. Be careful, and if you are a user of these applications, do not use them at all.

And in this list I make for you 13 harmful apps for Android devices that you should delete from your phone and never download them

On Google, although some of them have already been removed, 13 more apps are still available for download

For example, the report participates in several horoscope apps that try to get users to buy subscriptions worth more than $ 70 per week

How do they do that?

These purchases are not executed when the subscribe button is pressed, but are activated when the 'Back' button is pressed on their phones below.

You have the full list with 13 Android apps to remove from your phone:

Compress Video

Dynamic Wallpaper

Gametris Wallpaper



My Replica 2

Old Me-Simulate Old Face

Photo Converter

Prank Call

Recover deleted photos, Photo backup

Search by Image

Video Magician


These are the 13 apps to check if you are a user and delete them

Get rid of it, keep your phone, keep it safe, and save your bank money

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