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 Today we will present to you in this post the character of Capricorn today, tomorrow and every week, what distinguishes them, what are the characteristics of the sign and his personality, what are the faults of Capricorn, and what is the luck of the owner of this sign with regard to love and emotionally

What is Capricorn

He is one of the earthly signs, they were born on December 22 and January 19, and his composition is one of the signs of the tenth astrological circle, and the sign that Capricorn is most compatible with is Cancer and Taurus.

The planet it rules is Saturn and its lucky numbers are 22,13,8,4

Among the characteristics of Capricorn today and this week in particular are that they are very serious and have good control over themselves, that they love their own customs and traditions, that they love music, love their family and understand them.

But these qualities do not apply to all people who carry Capricorn, as they are among the people who know very well what they do and what they think and plan for it thoughtfully for everything they decide and never rush to make decisions

Among the characteristics of Capricorn people, who are characterized by ambition, they aspire a lot, and we all know that ambition is an important thing in our life while they are embracing it

They have many goals and dreams, and they do not like to back down, and they continue with what they want and do not hesitate

And also one of the characteristics of Capricorn this week that they possess is that they are very stubborn, they do not allow anyone to underestimate them no matter what

They work hard to achieve their dreams and goals because there is a love within them to prove to the people they know that they were born for themselves and achieve what they want no matter what it costs them.

They never give up and do not like to be of the ordinary or simple people, they like to be distinguished in everything

They are distinguished in everything

And they do not accept weakness for themselves, and they have an obsession in the love of success and progress always, never accept loss, and they have a good heart and support everyone who needs them without hesitation

The most angering thing is lying, they do not bear lying, no matter the reason.

They also care a lot in the lives of those they love. They may not be the fastest and most accomplished, but they are definitely the most persistent and steadfast.

They do not weaken violin that there is a love within them to modify the real world for the better, and their qualities are that they love achievement, they are very realistic people and do not like imagination and imaginary dreams that do not fit their reality

The characteristics of Capricorn Maggie for the woman and the man tomorrow are that they do not flee from the misfortunes that they face, but rather they face them with determination and determination, they only look to what is in reality

They protect those they love and feel comfortable and love when they help those they love, whether it is material or moral help they can provide

What distinguishes Capricorn owners is love, as they are always keen to provide permanent love for their partner, lover, or anyone they love and are attached to

They always strive to please the person they love in terms of love, and this is what makes them succeed in their relationship always and it is what makes their partner relate to them

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