What is the interpretation of a dream about the sea in a dream for all genders ((for single and married girls and men))

 In this article, we present the interpretation of the dream of seeing the sea in a dream in all forms and types of the dream related to water, whether it is a sea or a river, and for married and married women, single girls and single men, and whether the sea is calm, stormy or clear, all these details you can find explanations below.

What is the interpretation of seeing the sea in a dream?

Ibn Sirin explained that the interpretation of the sea in a dream is that if you see the sea far away, then he wishes for something in life and wants to reach it, and he will approach something that he wishes and seeks for a long time.

* Seeing the sea is calm in it is better than when it is raging and its waves are strong, so there is no good in it in a dream. The lake is standing and does not run. It indicates that the person is left and they love directness and honesty.

* But if you see that you are leaving pearls from the sea in a dream, he will gain a position and a good king for him and be very happy with him and the excess water in the dream that exceeds its limit and almost reaches drowning, calamities, diseases and a great disaster, and you will suffer worry, sedition and many problems, and tyranny may increase


* If the dream ends with drowning, it indicates a great calamity, and sometimes it indicates death, and God knows best

* Diving in a dream indicates that he is diving in the sea or water in general, and suddenly the sea has become dry, indicating destruction as well.

* If he sees that he is drowning and tries to save himself with his hand and feet and works hard to get himself out, then he indicates authority and standing for him, and the love for those around him increases

* And if he sees himself in a dream beside the beach while he is raging and feels in fear that he is wearing green clothes and has died drowning in the water, his enemy has nearly approached him and that he has a very bad enemy and wants many problems

* And if you see yourself drowning in clear and thin water, it indicates Fidel's drowning in this world with much and very abundant money.

* And whoever sees himself that someone washes his hands and face from the calm, clear sea water in a dream and the person knows him well, it indicates that this person wants good and happiness for him and that he loves him so much and wishes to stay beside him

* If he sees that a person does not know him, then he indicates that he will meet a person in his life who loves him and cares for him, and whoever sees himself nearly drowns and saves himself, then he indicates good, blessings and happiness for him

* And whoever sees that in a swimming race in the sea and you have triumphed in a dream, then you will gain power, goodness and blessing, and if you lose in the race indicates new problems that will fall into it, and God knows best.

* And whoever sees that he is traveling in a ship in the sea indicates that his condition has changed for the better and he is very happy

* Ibn Sirin explained seeing the sea in a dream for a man, so that there was plenty of worries and wealth, and he would soon have abundant money.

* If the owner of this vision is single, then he will marry soon, and God is All-Knowing, and the sea for the woman is a sign of good and happiness for her, and her situation will change for the better.

* If the woman in the dream is single, then she will also marry soon, and seeing the sea in general indicates washing away sins and getting rid of problems and worries.

Seeing the sea in a dream The sea was clear for good and blessing in the house

* And if the water was dirty and we did not add, then this indicates the problems and worries of the sea in a dream, and its color was light, indicating a blessing and happiness and a change of state for the better.

* If its color is dark, it indicates news that he will hear soon

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