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 In this post, we offer you detailed information about Gemini today and tomorrow ((luck, traits, personality, emotionally important information, advice and faults for this week)) according to the information of Maggie Farah, Carmen Shammas, Muneeb Al Sheikh, Jacqueline Akiki, in addition to Najla Qabbani

Gemini today

To those who ask about the birthdays of Gemini in any month, the answer is that they are from May 21 to June 20, his element is air, and this thing makes his personality relate to the love of rationality on Monday

And he thinks in his mind a lot, and he is a follower of Mercury and has a very high skill, which is writing and communicating with the world in a large way, and its twin symbol symbolizes

As for the married and single man, he is in the zodiac in the third rank, as he loves music, writing and reading, and he loves to be close to his friends and relatives on Sundays, Thursdays and Fridays

And their favorite colors are green, yellow and light colors, as for the lucky numbers are, and the owners of Gemini have a strong ability to build a serious relationship with all the signs and their relationship is successful and strong

As for the married woman and the single girl, most of the signs agree with her are the Leo, the Libra, the Aquarius and the Aries, and his relationship with the Virgo and Pisces may be very weak and not last much and needs to make a great effort from both parties and it is difficult to continue on Wednesday and Tuesday

But we always note that these expectations do not apply to all Gemini owners because they are just expectations and what distinguishes Gemini owners is that they have personal traits in their behavior through which he can express himself very easily.

He has a charming style when talking to others and they are attracted quickly to them and he is quick to succeed in everything he wishes and he is a person who loves challenges, adventures and changes in his life and he is a person who thinks in his mind a lot and has a very curious killer curiosity and this is what makes him possess a lot of information

He loves to share his opinions, talk about them and discuss them with others, and he also loves to provide advice to others and always correct and good advice, and he loves to help others a lot and save them from depression in order to overcome depression inside them

They are highly skilled in their work and are admired by everyone who gets to know them and love to explore

His social personality is very wonderful and he affects everyone around him positively and is always ready to gain information and knowledge

He loves praising and compliments to others, increases their self-confidence and loves to weigh his things, and he is a strong supporter for everyone around him and he does not like conflicts, problems and discussions with those around him about problems and they like to focus on important things

He likes to rely on himself more than others. He is distinguished by being always frank and has great optimism within him and always thinking about tomorrow

He prefers meaningful things and has a great ability to take responsibility. What distinguishes it is that he loves love and affection, and they love to bring people together with love, and they love flowers a lot and they are full of love and liveliness on Monday

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