7 best lightweight compact computer games in small size for weak devices completely free

 On this page, we offer you to download the 7 best lightweight, compact computer games in a small size for weak devices, complete for free, with direct download links from MediaFire | The most beautiful old adventure games for the year 2020-2021

Today in this we will show you the best games for computers with a direct link, light and easy to download from Media Fire, which is one of the most interesting and enthusiastic games all available and can be downloaded now and for free without entering any site, download directly and enjoy playing it

Green Man Game | The Incredible Hulk

The famous Green Man game is considered one of the best and most popular computer games and won the love of all users, young and old, and all over the world

It was initially designed from the computer to the iPhone, iPad and Android, and it is safe and strong like other games and it has won many awards from many companies, a wonderful, distinctive game and full of action and suspense

It is really worth a try. If you like action and fun, download it and enjoy your time

The idea of ​​playing with it is very distinctive. You take the role of the green man, and your story begins with a natural person who fell on him with chemicals and a mistake and made him a huge person and brought the color. Try to search for methods and treatments, but it did not work

Try to adapt to his shape, but the townspeople refused and began to fear him, and you will start your adventure by escaping from the marinade. You will follow you all over the city and you have to escape from them.

And sometimes you have to confront them with your strength to get rid of them. A wonderful and exciting game worth trying

Download the game lin

from here

Game Bouncy Man | icy tower

The game of the bouncy man is a very wonderful, distinctive and full of excitement and enthusiasm. You will face many difficulties and problems in it. I also love it all over the world and it is very famous in the Arab world under the name Batman. It is a strong competitor as well as the rest of the famous games that have been launched recently.

How to play in this game is through climbing to the top of the mountain. You will face many difficulties to ascend the mountain and reach the top. You will face many storms and traps, and you must jump without stopping to finish

It is really full of enthusiasm and suspense in this game you have to be very focused, intelligent and strong

To download the game

from here

Batman game | Batman Arkham Knight

The Batman game, which is loved by millions and of all age groups, young and old, has gained great popularity, and it has been released from a long time to the present time and is the best and most wonderful and won the love of all users, young and old, and loved by many

The idea of ​​the game is that it will be in the city called Gotham where there are a lot of criminals and villains who work with drugs, murder and theft

You have to take the role of the hero Batman and save the city from the bad guys and get rid of them, a distinctive game full of excitement and suspense

Download it, enjoy your time and be the hero. You have to deal with it like a hero. The inhabitants of the city depend on you for their protection.

To download the game

from here

Super Man game Superman Returns

It is a famous game for more than 25 years, and to the present time it has gained great popularity and until now it has many fans. We talked to you before about the game Spider-Man and Batman

As for this page, we will provide you with a download link and an explanation of the Super Man game ....

The story of this famous game that he descends from space to the earth is developing his parents since he was young and when he starts to grow up begins on him the sign of his supernatural strength, it will be difficult for him at the beginning to discover it

But it needs time to get used to it and use it correctly, and it is one of the most wonderful, beautiful and exciting game and it can be played without the net and you can choose to play online with friends

The story of this game starts from the original planet, which is the planet Krypton, and this planet has been exploded and what forced his parents to send him in space and went down to the planet Earth and they found him people on Earth adopted him and raised him

Upon growing up, he will discover his supernatural power and that he is different from the rest of humanity. Your adventure in this game will begin, and many people, young and old, loved it.

To download the game

from here

Spider-Man | Spider Man

This game starts in New York City and is similar to the Spider-Man movie. It is a game in an open world and there are many different cities and places that you can go to to eliminate criminals and bad guys, destroy their evil plans

The films of the character of Spider-Man completely and you can fly to high places on the clouds

It will be an adventure full of suspense, excitement and excitement, and there is no need for tension at all because it is a very cool game

And the most beautiful thing in the game is moving between cities very quickly, which is one of the most beautiful things in the game, great flying

And if you have the strength, you can do what you want to climb on the buildings with ease. The game always makes you feel great fun

The idea of ​​playing in this game, like other fighting games, is aimed at very famous and fictional characters such as the Batman game or fighting games

To download the game

from here

Car racing game | Crazy Cars

It's a 100% free car game that works for life for free

It has a unique and distinctive visual effect

Features hi-tech graphics as real

The possibility of choosing the car and modifying it according to your desire

The car speeds up to 180 miles per hour

Smooth and perfect drift of the car while driving

It works on all versions of Windows 7/8/10

It works on weak devices without problems

Its size is small: 114 MB only, it works on weak computers, laptops and Macs with poor specifications

Easy to play and smooth to control

To download the game

from here

The Wisbey Mystery game

The Wisbey Mystery game that requires a lot of skill and intelligence to solve and depends mainly on focus and accuracy to solve puzzles and win the game and overcome all stages of varying difficulty and was launched for the first time in 2019

Great fun in playing and developing mental skills and experiences in large areas of playing with stones of different sizes which you have to apply in order to remove them and the stones of different colors collect three of them identical of the same color to hide and detonate

You will find many different interesting levels and different environments to play that add to the fun of the game

And its thrill lies in the way of playing the game of riddles and intelligence

Through this game, you will experience a wonderful and similar to many games that feature stones and gems, but they have different features that make them a wonderful game with suspense and entertainment.

Game download link

from here

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