Download the Clash Royale game for iPhone for free with a direct link

 In this post, we offer you to download the Clash Royale game for iPhone and iPad for free, with a direct link from the Apple Store | The most beautiful and telling strategic mobile games for the year 2020-2021 for smartphones running the iOS operating system

Do you have an iPhone and want to get a super-powerful strategy game at the same time that is free and you do not need to pay "unpaid money!"

No you have to! The Clash Royale game is the right one for you, and you will find in it all that you aspire for in terms of fierce wars, smart adventures, building cities, attacking enemies and defeating them

What is the Lash Royale game?

It is one of the best games in recent years, and it has a lot of war characters, you can choose what suits you best

Among the most important of these characters ((giant barbarian and king destroyer, rumat and many other characters))It is considered one of the most beautiful games of excitement, action and excitement, and the way to play it is very easy and distinctive and it is very wonderful and it is a very clear game and it has three towers, the tower of the rug, the tower, and the other coral.

Each one of them is in a different direction. Your goal in this game is to use force, all to destroy the enemies' central tower

You have to also defend your sign to protect it from the enemies and provide you with many modifications, which are very terrifying, distinctive and very wonderful.

It has many great features and is very fabulous and supernatural graphics

The idea of ​​playing it is fictional, as many people loved it and became addicted to it.

Because this game has many different equipment, great pictures, and you can open this game and upgrade the strength and level you have

You have to collect cards. You can get cards from inside the boxes in the game by winning tournaments and battles

It has specific characteristics of a life killer and its attack distances as well. Spread of speed. It is a suitable game for adults and children, girls and boys as well, because it helps the growth of the mind and long and strategic thinking.

The best thing about it is that you can upgrade and beautify it more Al Hilal, the thousand cards obtained for a battle, and this helps you to improve your special forces to win and win and this game

The playing time in this game is short, in each duel less than a minute or 4 minutes, you can play it without getting bored or withdrawing because it is very interesting and full of wonderful and super adventures, download it now and enjoy your time

Clash Royale IOS download link

from here

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