Download Dota 2 for free + Explanation of DOTA 2 strongest adventure games + game secrets

 In this post we offer you to download the Dota 2 game for free with full and direct download links for both Android and iPhone mobiles in addition to direct and compressed download links for the computer, Mac and weak devices from Media Fire + an explanation of the features and secrets of the game and the size and specifications of the game DOTA 2

Explanation of the game DOTA 2

Dota 2 is one of the best video games for the year 2020-2021. The game was exported, developed and officially launched on computers and mobile phones running Android and iOS operating systems for iPhone and iPad as well.

It is a unique, free and complete strategy adventures and wars game that you can download from the Internet simply for free

This game is considered one of the best, distinctive and exciting team games that require a lot of thinking and help the player enjoy it well and wonderfully.

This game has a successful and distinctive strategy. It will start a team competition with the team. This game is very wonderful and collective. It has gotten very popular and widespread in many parts of the world.

Dota 2 game specifications

It is one of the wonderful games full of suspense and excitement, and it is a game among the MOBA games, which means that it is one of the battlefields of exciting games and action

It is an online battlefield, and the best thing about it is that it includes a very large number of real players and the duration of play within this game in the round is between half an hour to an hour to a quarter

Live in a very strong atmosphere and competition within this global game. When you start to choose your character from among many personalities, more than 150 characters

You will enter with a team consisting of five personalities, each person has a special type in which a special center is characterized by a trait that begins with entering a world and a global competition full of fighting and wars

You have to keep you the strongest. This game has many wonderful and distinctive features and the animation is what makes you able to understand the story more simple and easy.

Dota 2 game secrets

Quite simply, it is a very beautiful and simple game at the same time, there will be many characters within this game and a special important character, and survival is for the strongest and smartest

You will feel great fun while playing each person in this game chooses the character that each character wants, there are different tasks

You have to do things that differ from other strategic, terrible and supernatural games. This game is full of excitement and enthusiasm, and every character has a different role and works to support the team and the tango character

He is distinguished by a strong defense of the team and he is responsible for all attacks from the enemy and there is also another character who has to take care of the responsibility of leading the attack

And the other person should always be in need of support from his friends and colleagues in the game, so he must remain strong in the stage.

The game provides you with hundreds of different characters, you must choose what you want and what suits you and start your attack, your own adventure, which wins in this game

It is the team that kills all the members of the other team and destroys the team’s headquarters, and this can also be taken with the team and all its existing technologies. Download the game now and enjoy your time

Dota game size 2

The size of the game varies from version to version

As the size of the game for Android and iPhone is only 57 MB, and this size is very small and very light

As for the size of the game for the computer, it differs because it is from the Steam games

DOTA 2 apk download link for Android

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Link to download the DOTA 2 pc game for PC from Mediafire "Compact and complete"

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Download the DOTA 2 iOS game for iPhone and iPad

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