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 In this post, we offer you to download Free Fire - Battlegrounds for Android | Free Fire Wonderland Free Fire Télécharger apk free download link Mhecrh + Explain how you play and what the most important features of the game

Free Fire - Battlegrounds features

This interesting and wonderful game is a third-person action game known as Free Fire, a new wonderland of adventure, suspense and warfare.

It is a game inspired by PUBG that you will start playing with a group of 50 players who will fight to the death, the fighting will be inside a vast and large island full of buildings and vehicles

There is only one player in this game inside this island, everyone will fight to survive, you will face interesting and enthusiastic battles within this game

It is a simple game to use. Issa the nine. You play only PUBG similar to the idea. You will have on the left part of the screen the controller, this is for you to control the character.

Right side firing buttons available inside the game

Away from the body, jumping and lying down, and if weapons and boxes are also many of the vehicles or Beban, and all these things can be used only by touching the screen, and controlling the Free Fire game is very smooth and comfortable

You will not face any problems, as there are many different weapons available to you within this game. This game was developed a very short time ago and playing with it is very similar to royal combat

You start at the beginning by parachuting to the island, and during the descent, you will start at first to search for weapons and ammunition hacks

In order to start defeating other players and to remain alive, you must pay close attention to it from the other players and pay attention to the force that will gradually approach inside the game, if it reaches you, you will surely die

One of the most beautiful things that may help you and use the vehicles in the game and escape. This game contains 50 players and this time you can play this game lasts for 30 minutes

Also, there are 15-minute rounds, which is a game that is very distinct from the basic game of Peggy, which is a very light game, download the game now and enjoy your time

Download Free Fire - Battlegrounds APK for Android

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Download link for PC and Mac

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Download Free Fire Wonderland for iPhone and iPad

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