Download the full game Call of Duty 4 for PC from Mediafire, with a small size of 1 GB

 In this post, we offer you to download the complete Call of Duty 4 game on your computer with a direct link from Mediafire without torrenting, compressed in a very small size, only 1 GB, the latest update 2020-2021

Explanation of the features of the game Call Of Duty 4 for the computer

This game is one of the best war and action games full of excitement and excitement, and it is similar to the game Pubg Mobile, and it has many versions, for example: Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 6 and Call of Duty 5, all of which work on the computer

The idea of ​​playing is distinctive and wonderful and it is easy to use. There are many interesting and wonderful adventures in this game. This game offers you a very distinctive set of various weapons in a very large quantity

Through these weapons inside the game, you can fight the enemies that you face in the supernatural world war, and you must stay alive and kill everyone and reach the first place

It is a PC game full of distinct and terrible challenges, the atmosphere of the second world war arena will be a very wonderful game

It is a very great strategy game and the player must be very smart and strong and practice the tasks that are present within the game and win all of them

The level of difficulty will be very high while playing this game, which will not be won by the wise and intelligent, and it is full of challenges and wonderful suspense. You must pass all stages without losing. It was not very easy. You have to cooperate with other players with your team

This team you get while playing the game, as you can play the game online with friends and you can chat with them directly via chat

The game is very distinctive, its wonderful graphics, the colors present, and the very wonderful and interesting war. A very strong war is formed, and the sounds inside this game are very distinctive that make you feel as if you are inside a real war to control it very easy and wonderful

You have to kill all the enemies that appear in front of you and skip all the existing tasks and if at some times, you also have to hide and move away so that you do not get killed and protect yourself from the enemies

Because they will inevitably kill you. Protect yourself. The game requires a lot of intelligence from you, winning and winning. Download the game and enjoy your time.

As for the operating requirements, it is in a small size and works with a weak Mac and a computer for weak devices without attachment, without hanging, and without emulator as well.

To download the game Call of Duty with one link

from here

Download the game in the light version of Modern Warfare Demo

from here

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