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 In this post, we offer you to download the God of war game with direct download links to Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac for free without a PSP emulator, the most beautiful entertaining and light adventure game for mobile in apk format in small size suitable for weak devices | The most beautiful game for smartphones and computers God of war 1 - God of war 2 - God of war 3 - God of war 4

Explanation of the features of the game God of war

This game is very wonderful and it is considered one of the fourth action and adventures in 3D and it was developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer

This game was launched in the year 2005 March 22 and was exported to the Playstation devices, and it is one of the best games

It is a three-dimensional game according to its distinctive and wonderful context, three or two, and this game is based on Greek mythology and plays very imprecise and open

And the events of this game begin in Greece, the main units of which are that you control the protagonist of the novel, who is called Kritos, who is a legendary warrior

He used to work in the Olympic excursion, and my son imposed on him to attack the city of Athens in order to defend the hatred against his aforementioned sister, and this hero begins on a world trip full of adventures in search of something for you

He stops a deity and is creating the Pandora Legendary Box

But he will not get it easily, because he will face global epics with very fierce fighting in boats and movements in many ways

It has many primary and secondary weapons. You get this weapon while playing inside the game. You will find it

And the fighting begins with it, and inside this game the movements and wonderful scenes of the slow forest require the player to perform certain movements and use the series at the specified time and this is so that he can defeat his enemies with strength and intelligence

Some bosses will show you the last stages and the player has four different magic moves that he can use to enhance your strength and experience.

This game got more than 4 million copies for sale, and this game is considered one of the strongest and best games

Mobile and computer at all, due to its small size that is suitable for weak devices because it is compact, complete and readyIt provides you with many of the movements that you do, such as barriers, obstacles, jumping and skipping, and this game has a wonderful and distinctive design and is very popular all over the world. You will face many wonderful and interesting adventures. Download the game now and enjoy your time

God of War APK download link for Android

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Link to download God of war pc game for pc and mac in small size 3 MB without ppsspp from mediafire

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To download God of War ios game for iPhone

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