Download Google SketchUp to Create 3D Forms on Your Computer | The full version

 In this post, we offer you to download the Google SketchUp program for designing 3D shapes on the computer, Arabic, the full version for free, with download links for weak computers, Macs, and for 32 bit and 64 bit weak devices, with a direct download link from Media Fire + an explanation of the Google Sketch program that every architect uses 2021-2022

Explain the features of Google SketchUp

There are many programs that have appeared new that do 3D design, and today we chose for you the best program for making 3D designs

It is a very wonderful and distinctive "Sketch Up" program that was developed in 2017 and updated in 2020, and it is expected that it will be developed and added many extraordinary features in early 2021.

It has many different wonderful features, and it is a very popular program with many fans. It offers a lot of great programs, but it is very heavy and needs more than average device to work on it.

The program is very wonderful and as it is light and it is a very smooth program to use. It did not ask you much time to deal with it and it is because it is very simple

The most beautiful thing is its interface is very wonderful and not complicated and it is considered one of the best computer programs for 3D design and it works on Windows 7, 8, 10 and Linux

The program offers you three-dimensional designs, very wonderful, fully and distinctive architectural shapes, and the most beautiful thing in it is that it does not require very high capabilities to work on it, unlike other free programs, and it is also free and unpaid.

It has many different versions, you can choose the one you want, it has many different features and wonderful features

This is what makes the program the most wonderful and the color feature is very wonderful and different in its beauty, this program contains a very wonderful and complete graphic interface and all the tools you needWorking with it, like the natural painter interface, the workspace with this program is great that will not require you much time

You can learn to work on it, because working with it is very simple and distinct. This program contains very large tools that you can do what you want by working with it very easily.

It offers you a 3D and 2D design, and this program contains all colors of various shapes that you can use all of them with just one click

The program download link from here

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