Download the latest version of The Battle of Polytopia for iPhone

 On this page, we offer you to download the strategy game The Battle of Polytopia for iPhone and iPad for free, it is one of the most beautiful and powerful free and entertaining mobile games for the year 2020-2021 at all, and it is one of the online games that work and work without the net if you do not have internet and can play it online With friends if you have internet, we will provide you with the latest version and it is not hacked with a free download link from the Apple Store without programs

We will offer you here a very wonderful and interesting game for iPhone phones. We chose the game from among many games and it was the best and it was designed for all users of all age groups for young people, girls and young children as well because it helps to pass the mind and intelligence to young people

It was one of the best games for iPhone, which won a very great love and very great popularity, it got five stars from all users, it is really wonderful and distinctive, follow us explaining: What is the game and what distinguishes it and how to play with it

What is The Battle of Polytopia?

This game has been designed for iPhones and all smartphones running the iOS operating system, and it is an awesome and entertaining strategy game and is classified among the most powerful adventure games, building cities and villages, fighting neighboring villages and taking over

on her

You will first find yourself in a small village and what you have to do is fight under your command. You have to play this game very quickly and you have to explore the lands around you.

In order to expand your small village, design the place you want to beautifully design your own village

In the beginning, while downloading this game, you pay 30 dollars if you want in order to achieve the goals that you have to do within the game in order to get the things that you want to improve your village.

While playing this game, you have to be smart and patient in order to take advantage of all the resources that will be provided for you from the game to achieve what you want and expand your village to make it with the best design

Explore the lands around and this game has two strategies to play, namely

The first strategy you have to start hunting inside the village and the second strategy is technology, tactics and evasion to deceive the enemies which are hacked

To start making your own materials such as swords, how can you take other cities around you, choose your own scenario in your game

What distinguishes this game is that it has a very distinctive and fabulous design and the sounds are very enthusiastic. What really distinguishes it is that it is a game that has won many gold awards, and this is what makes it distinguished from other mobile games, and it is worth noting that it is similar to the Minecraft game technology

This game is based on war, agriculture, design and construction as it contains many different tribes and works on iOS version 8.0 and later, really the game is wonderful, interesting and full of adventures, download it and enjoy your time

Polytopia download link latest version

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