Download the old Sniper Elite 1 game for PC for free from Mediafire

 In this post, we offer you to download the old Sniper Elite sniper game | Sniper Elite 1 - 2 for the computer, free, full of mediafire, compact and light, in a very small size, suitable for weak devices, computers, weak and Mac

Explanation of the most important features of Sniper Elite
This game is very distinctive and is considered one of the most powerful computer games for the year 2020-2021, which is a professional sniper game, and it has sparked controversy among all users of their love for it and its splendor
Designed for computers and it is a compact game, it is a game with high and distinctive graphics and in which you live in the atmosphere of the First and Second World War
It is full of adventures and challenges, it is enthusiastic, full of many superstitious and interesting features, it is of high quality and you can download it without torrent.
It is considered one of the most powerful weapons and has distinctive and fairy engagements and sniper weapons available, which makes it among the best war and fighting games
You will face in this game many strong and courageous battles, war fights, you will stand behind barriers and walls, inside houses, and many wonderful things
You must help without anyone feeling you in order to achieve the goal of reaching the level in the game
This game was developed by the company, Rebellions Games, and it has a special character and distinct from the rest of the games, and it is a distinctive game and is not similar to the rest of the games in the beauty of its accuracy, pictures and distinction
It is one of the best action games and old wars for the computer, with suspense and enthusiasm, and offers you a very nice opportunity to experience shooting professionally and distinctively and with an interesting and distinctive character in all its versions Sniper Elite 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
It is fabulously designed and you can fire from 200 meters away, but this command is available in some weapons, and not all of them are an exciting and exciting game.
The download link of the game is very small, only 800 MB
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