Download the Pigeon Wings Strike game for Android

 In this post, we offer you to download the Pigeon Wings Strike game for Android for free, with a direct link in apk format from the apkpure store, with an explanation of the game and how to play it | Best mobile games 2020-2021

Explanation of the advantages of the game Pigeon Wings Strike

This interesting, wonderful and action-packed game, the story of this game revolves around control, evil minions that entered the city completely controlling the city

In the city there are a lot of problems, fear and difficulties because of the evil minions, this game asks you to start walking very quickly while you work to move your phone, you move it up or down to control well and work quickly to eliminate and get rid of the evil minions in the city

You will find a lot of danger and horror in the game, and it must be very fast, accurate, fast and accurate, and the game needs to be professional and smart during the game and it is called the duck game

Within the game there will be many traps and tricks that you distribute to the players and characters, and you have to be very fast while playing so that these traps do not hit

This game got 4.7 out of 5 stars and the game won the admiration of all those who downloaded it and loved it by millions around the world

And when you play it, you will be addicted to it, for sure of the severity of its beauty and design, because it is a very, very distinctive game, and it is very fun and needs to be accurate and smart while playing

It is worth noting that the pigeon wings strike apk game is suitable for all age groups, young and old, children and children, loved by many video game lovers

It really deserves this popularity because it is very wonderful, the game design is distinctive, wonderful, and rare, and it is a completely free game, download it now and enjoy your time, and it is one of the strongest mobile games that work without the net

To download the game from here

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