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 In this post, we offer you to download the game,, for Android, for free, without the Internet | The snake that eats the worm, the game loved by millions around the world, which we used to play when we were young children, we present to you with a direct link 2021

Explanation of the most important features of game

This game works with it online and it is a new, distinctive, fun and wonderful game that is one of the most beautiful and powerful games for mobile and smartphone, it is full of suspense.

As you will start by controlling a huge worm that eats all the balls that are around you colored and do not appear in front of you on the way and what you have to do is to eat the largest possible number of these pills, balls or worms

It is really an easy and simple game but full of suspense. You face other worms trying to eat the largest number of balls as well. You have to eat before it and you have to pay close attention to touching it because it will lead to your loss and you can eat the worms by touching them from the back

You have to be careful that the worms eat you too, and the idea of ​​playing this game is very understandable, wonderful, distinctive and full of wonderful challenges that you live with other worms that will be with you inside the game

What increases the game, suspense and enthusiasm, is that you can defeat the other worm, regardless of its size, whether it is small or large, just by placing its head in the body of your worm

You also have to pay attention to them that they defeat you, but you have to speed up when you eat the worm. Eat the existing grains quickly because other worms can eat them if you do not hurry

It is an old game, but after the last update in the year 2020-2021, it has become a very new and distinctive game and has many great features

You have to be very fast in this game, you have to pay attention, you must have accuracy, quick wit, and beware of worms

Download the game now and enjoy your time full of interesting adventures and the concept of this game is very simple and distinctive and it is a very fun and enjoyable game

The most beautiful thing in it is music and no sounds, and the idea of ​​the player in it is very easy only through the screen and only to the right and left. You never tire you while playing. Very simple and full of fun and enthusiasm apk download link for snake and worm from uptodown games store

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