Download Sonic Dash game for Android with free links for all old and new versions

 On this page we offer you to download the game Sonic Dash | Sonic Dash for Android is free. The game with download links for all versions of the old and new game (1-2-3) is not hacked, but fully modified and 100% free. It is one of the most beautiful mobile games for children, girls and young people as well.

Today we will present to you the wonderful and distinctive game that I got very great love for its wonderful and imaginative features and its wonderful distinctive design The game that got the love of a lot and is full of enthusiasm, suspense and excitement

It is a wonderful Sonic game in which there are many wonderful challenges that add to its beauty. It is a game designed for fans of competitions and running, it is a very distinctive game and full of excitement. We will present to you this game and how to play it and what distinguishes it follow us ....

Explanation of the features of the game Sonic Dash

This game is the star of the hero Sonic, it is a classic, very, and wonderful game, and what you have to do in this game is that your reaction is very distinctive and fast to win, and success requires you a lot of focus and accuracy to win the stages of the game

You have to expect everything in this game from the levels and energy that you possess the different ability and also the popular character Tails and Knuckles

You can choose the character you want to play with famous and wonderful personalities and everyone knows them and what makes this game more distinctive is that you can invite your friends to play with them and chat with them while playing online and start a challenge with them only by playing and sending your number to start the challenge together

You can also play alone without the net, it is an exciting challenge and full of enthusiasm and the most beautiful thing in it is an easy-to-use, very easy and simple game and its wonderful and different design which increases its beauty, splendor and wonderful sounds

You will face many adventures in this game, in which you will encounter terrible and bright colors. The characters in this game are very exciting. A very wonderful game full of wonderful details.

Play in it with ease and enjoy your time, the character of Sonic may be different at times, and you have to escape in many fun and distinctive games. It is also a light game and can be downloaded simply and enjoy the strongest and most beautiful Android smartphone games

Old Sonic Dash download link

from here

Download the new Sonic 2 game "latest version"

from here

Sonic download link 1

from here

Sonic 3 download link

from here

Sonic Boom game download link sonic dash 2: sonic boom from here

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