Download the STAR TREK ONLINE game, the strongest space games for free: for Android

 In this post, we offer you to download the STAR TREK ONLINE game, the most powerful free space games and travel in outer space by airplanes with direct and free download links for Android, iPhone and iPad, as well as the download link for the game compressed, complete and ready without decompression and in a very small size suitable for weak devices, Macs and laptops weak 32 bit and 64 bit

Explanation of the features of the game STAR TREK ONLINE

This interesting and wonderful game is now available for all devices for free. What is a very interesting and wonderful game full of enthusiasm?

The game got very popular and wide with all over the world. You, while inside the game, take the role of the captain. You receive the spaceship in the space fleet. It will be interesting and wonderful

You will experience distinctive adventures and you must begin to explore the wonders of space galaxies, and you must overcome them all

This game will take you to a very far, wonderful and distinctive reality in different galaxies. Many wonderful and interesting places will be gone, places you have never seen in your life from global space

And receive command of a spaceship that participates in the space fleet to explore the greatest wonders and discoveries

This galaxy, space and travel game will take you to faraway locations on the borders of space where there are many places to visit

Like Vulcan, Deep Space Nine and Earth Space Dock, you will work as a member of this union to establish relationships

With new civilizations and defending the values ​​of the union during a period of heightened tension

The STAR TREK ONLINE gameplay consists of 130 episodes spread over 11 seasons, and the game was released in February 2010

The development team is constantly updating its contents, and Delta Rising is the latest addition to the game, giving you the opportunity to travel to the Delta Quadrant.

The science fiction franchise of "Star Trek Online", the upcoming online multiplayer game that boldly portrays players as heads of their own space tournaments.

But they were leaving a site despite their initial reluctance, and the game's mastermind decided to do so

When players design their own virtual ships, they can choose from about 20 different bridges - such as one like the command centers on the famous companies or the mega Defiant from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"

The bridges will mostly serve as social hubs where players can hang out with bridge officers and other captains online, Zinkevich said.

STAR TREK ONLINE apk download link for Android Star Trek ™ Timelines version

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Download STAR TREK ONLINE iOS game for iPhone and iPad, old version of Star Trek Fleet Command

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STAR TREK ONLINE game download link for the modern version

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