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 In this post, we offer you to download the Subway Surfers game for mobile for Android for free with a direct download link apk, known by its famous name, Subway | The most beautiful and best old mobile games 2020-2021

Explanation of the features of Subway Surfers

This game is very interesting, distinctive, and very similar to the Temple Run game in this game Subway surf. All you have to do is escape from the police inside very dangerous, abandoned and hacked train stations.

The game was designed and developed in 2015, and it was updated for the first time in 2018 and reached its global success in 2020 and is expected to become one of the most powerful mobile games in early 2021

You have to get rid of the police and escape from them very quickly, and you must also be very careful while playing

You will face many obstacles and sweat while escaping very quickly and you have to pay attention and be smart and patient to win the game very distinctive and wonderful

The idea of ​​playing with it is amazing and full of wonderful challenges and suspense. It was designed very carefully to impress all users from all over the world and many people loved it.

You must move your character from three lines, you must move your fingers by touching the screen and you can jump on the barriers and roll on the ground to pass the others

You can use your plane belt or your ski spirit to help you in the endless race and as you know this kind of game is very cool

And you must control differently and you have to obtain coins while playing to upgrade your level, and this thing is very fun and special

And you can enjoy a lot through photography through this game Subway Surfers that it is very beautiful, it is sometimes different in some places and not very strong and it is a game based on fun and suspense very fun

It is a fun game that you have to walk a little and then you will stick with courage and strength for many hours and you have to try to win.

And get the records of friends' records and beat them to verify them online

It is really a very interesting and enthusiastic game. You have to be smart to win and win. It gives you a very fun and full spirit. Download the game and enjoy your time and start a wonderful and interesting adventure. You can play with friends and chat with them online at the same time as you wish.

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