Interpretation of a dream about flying in a dream in all its details

 In this article, we offer you the interpretation of the dream of flying in a dream and fear with a person over the trees or over the river, and what is the interpretation of seeing flying on the wind carpet with wings and without wings for married, single, divorced women, men and women | In response to those who sent us saying that I dreamed that I was flying!

We will present to you here some interpretations of a vision of flying in a dream. Flying, details of these dreams, and everything related to this subject. There are many interpretations of Ibn Sirin, depending on the status of each vision, follow us ...

What is the interpretation of seeing flying in a dream?

The interpretation of seeing flying in a dream may refer to travel and change of conditions, and God is All-Knowing. Seeing flying indicates a lot of wishful thinking, and it also indicates the guardianship and authority of its people, and God knows best.

But if the person with the vision is sick in a dream or supervising death, it indicates death, and God knows best

And whoever sees a man in a dream that he is flying to a very high place, he has reached the place he wants, fine and safe, and he descends, then it indicates that he will obtain better than traveling, and God knows best.

And whoever dreams that she is flying with wings in a dream, if she is a single girl, then it indicates a change in her conditions and a change in her affairs and her life for the better, and God knows best.

And whoever sees himself as falling while flying, then it indicates that this opinion is a place to fall into a safe place, and God knows best. And whoever sees himself flying without wings, this dream is not good in it

It may refer in some cases to problems, and God knows best, and whoever sees himself flying while he is afraid of a married woman and a single man may also indicate worries, problems, and a change in his life conditions for the worse.

And whoever sees himself ascending from the ground without flying or wings, it indicates the height of his stature and reputation

And if you are a person and you see yourself that you are flying, then it indicates poverty and trekking, and God knows best

If you are a farmer and you see yourself flying in a dream, then it indicates abundant fruit that produces a good season, and God knows best

Seeing flying for a divorced woman and for a pregnant woman, it may indicate a change in their conditions and their lives.

And if she is afraid while flying, it may indicate problems and concerns that fall into her, and God knows best

If a married woman sees that she is flying in a dream, this indicates a change in the conditions of her home and her family for the better

But if the dream is that she flies without any fear, it indicates that she will give birth to a child and a baby in good health

If a man sees in his dream that he is flying towards the sky while he is happy, it indicates that he will obtain good and he will hear well

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