Top 10 Varied Games for Android | The most powerful mobile games of this year

 We offer you the best 10 video games for smartphones running the Android operating system, the best, strongest and most beautiful mobile games for Android and tablet, free, varied, super fun and awesome games at the same time, which are the best for this week and will remain in the forefront for the year 2020-2021, including some games that work without the net and some of them work online Line as you wish 2022

If you are one of the people who do not have many games in their phone without searching for the best known Android games

Today, in this post, I offer you the best games for Android devices and the most loved and popular games, very cool, among the best games for the year 2020

It is constantly updated with each period. Follow us what games and how to play with them and all the games that we will show you on smartphones running the Android operating system


It is a game of space, galaxies and far travel! This interesting and wonderful game is now available for all devices for free. What is a very interesting and wonderful game full of enthusiasm?

The game got very popular and wide with all over the world. You, while inside the game, take the role of the captain. You receive the spaceship in the space fleet. It will be interesting and wonderful.

You will experience distinctive adventures and you must begin to explore the wonders of space galaxies, and you must overcome them all

This game will take you to a very distant, wonderful and distinctive reality in different galaxies. Many wonderful and interesting places will disappear, places you have never seen in your life from global space

And receive command of a spaceship that participates in the space fleet to explore the greatest wonders and discoveries

This galaxy, space and travel game will take you to faraway locations on the borders of space where there are many places to visit

Like Vulcan, Deep Space Nine and Earth Space Dock, you will work as a member of this union to establish relationships

With new civilizations and defending the values ​​of the union during a period of heightened tension

The STAR TREK ONLINE gameplay consists of 130 episodes spread over 11 seasons, and the game was released in February 2010

The development team is constantly updating its contents, and Delta Rising is the latest addition to the game, giving you the opportunity to travel to the Delta Quadrant.

To download the game from here

Among Us game

This game is considered one of the best games that are very popular around the world are Android devices, computers can be downloaded in addition to many other versions

of manyIt is very simple and it is one of the fun games if you want to be able to take a walk with your friends in this game on your mobile phone and start enjoying with your friends

It is a very light game. You will not face any problems or difficulty inside this game. Download it and enjoy your time

Download the game from here

PES 2021 game

This wonderful and interesting game has now been exported on Google Play. It is a free game for Android mobile and is known by its full name "Pro Evolution soccer" and it is developed by Konami, a pioneer in this field.

It is a distinctive classic soccer game recently released in Google Play. Download it for free on the 2021 versionThis version was launched a very short time ago and it is a game with a wonderful and distinctive design, and this game was designed for mobile phones in December and was launched on tablets

It is a very impressive, strong and enthusiastic game, and this game has introduced new tournaments in the game, which have become Argentine, Canadian and Mexican leagues.

It became fully available in the game and it was one of the most required functions that users love in all soccer games. There are also great new tactical templates available in the game's tactical system.

It allows you to play quickly and in a distinctive, wonderful and elegant style. You can introduce social elements into the game that help you obtain very impressive effects of harmony in the dressing room and assign the trainer to control the presence of a wonderful and distinctive atmosphere in training and play battles , It supports Arabic language and Arabic commentary

Download the game link from here

Zuma Deluxe game

This distinctive and wonderful game, which is a very interesting game, is an old game that is one of the most interesting and entertaining games.

It is a wonderful and very distinctive game. This game will not be much complicated. You will not face any problems with it quite the opposite. It is very simple and easy at the same time full of suspense and enthusiasm.

It is very addictive because of its beauty and it is a very distinctive game and the best thing in it is that it contains very many versions, especially in all smart mobile phones that run on Android and IOS operating systems.

You have a frog in the middle and there is a hole for you at the end, and you have to protect this hole and try to destroy as many balls as possible before reaching the existing hole

You have to be a quick reaction inside this game and protect the hatch from entering the balls and try to destroy them all before reaching the hole requires a lot of accuracy and focus from you

It is a game that provides you with a very enjoyable time full of adventures, suspense and enthusiasm. There are many different levels within it and you can play this game for as long as possible without any boredom or hesitation, and you can also play this game without the net

Download the game link from here

Dragon Ball Strongest warrior game

It is the Dragon Ball Super Kakarot game known as Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, this distinctive and wonderful game full of enthusiasm and suspense, and it is considered one of the most powerful imaginative games for smartphones, computers and laptops

You will live inside this game different and distinctive adventures. This game has great love and very great popularity and many users all over the world

This game that we show you is a real-time action game that you can control characters through the virtual controls to execute and transport all attacks

It is a very wonderful and distinctive game and it contains three-dimensional images that are very wonderful and interesting. You can do what you want such as moving the camera around zooming in and out within the movements

This game is not so bad, it is great, it represents very interesting adventure moves, it is a strong adventure and is full of action

It has very wonderful characters, and when you play inside this game and win the stages, you can unlock new and wonderful characters, such as the well-known character, very popular, is the Kakarot

Chichi, Yamcha and Krillin, these are wonderful characters, and there are also characters of enemies who become friends like Pijita, and this game can be played without the net and can be played online with friends

The game has other versions such as: Télécharger Dragon Ball and also Dragon Ball Legends, and all of these versions are free, super and awesome.

There is a variety of very new, endless characters that you only get upon winning and completing all stages. This game is highly interesting and full of excitement and excitement.

To download the game for free from here

God of war game

This game is very wonderful and it is considered one of the fourth action and adventures in 3D and it was developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer

This game was launched in the year 2005 March 22 and was exported to the Playstation devices, and it is one of the best games

It is a three-dimensional game according to its distinctive and wonderful context, three or two, and this game relies on Greek mythology and plays very imprecise and open

And the events of this game begin in Greece, the main units of which are that you control the protagonist of the novel, called Kritos, who is a legendary warrior

He was working on the Olympic promenade, and my son imposed on him to attack the city of Athens in order to defend the hatred against his aforementioned sister, and this hero begins on a global journey full of adventures in search of something in order to stop a god and he is the legendary box Pandora

But he will not get it easily, because he will face world sagas with very fierce fighting in boats and movements in many ways

It has many primary and secondary weapons. You get this weapon while playing inside the game. You will find it

And the fighting begins with it, and inside this game the movements and wonderful scenes of the slow forest require the player to perform certain moves and be used in the series at the specified time and this is so that he can defeat his enemies with strength and intelligence

Some bosses will show you the last stages and the player has four different magic moves that he can use to enhance your strength and experience

This game got more than 4 million copies for sale, and this game is considered one of the strongest and best mobile and computer games ever, due to its small size that is commensurate with weak devices because it is compact, complete and ready

To download the game from here

Game for Peace

This wonderful game has been launched to the Asian market on the original wonderful games, with which you will start out in very strong and royal battles

It is similar in design to the following games: pubg mobile: marching - Peacekeeper Elite apk - PUBG Mobile China, the scientific version of Chinese PUBG Steam, one of the most beautiful online games to play with friends and chat directly with them.

Within this game there are more than 100 real players inside a closed environment, there is one person who survives and wins

Wandering around an island, try to collect a large number of equipment that is found in this game, which begins to shrink more and more, and this is in order to collect players with each other in this game to face together

It's really a great game that's very beautiful, it's very special and since a short time, it's been adapted to work on touching the interactive objects themselves

Within this game, you can also drive different vehicles as well as enter buildings and loot victims. This is a very wonderful game with a distinctive formula and very cool graphics and has very great popularity all over the world for all age groups

It provides you with many professions within this game, you must perform all of them daily missions that will get you many rewards and prizes within the game

To download the game from here

DOTA 2 game

It is one of the great games full of suspense and excitement, and it is a game among the MOBA games, which means that it is one of the battlefields of exciting games and action

It is an online battlefield, and the best thing about it is that it includes a very large number of real players and the duration of play within this game in the round is between half an hour to an hour to a quarter

Live in a very strong atmosphere and competition within this global game When you start to choose your character from among many personalities, more than 150 characters

You will enter with a team consisting of five personalities, each person has a special type in which a special center is characterized by a trait that begins with entering a world and a global competition full of fighting and wars

You have to keep you the strongest. This game has many wonderful and distinctive features and the animation is what makes you can understand the story more simple and easy.

To download the game from here

Morphite game

This very wonderful game, which may not be well known to everyone, but it is a very interesting and enjoyable game, and very much

This game was made for archery enthusiasts, very enjoyable, and it is designed for shooting lovers, and it has wonderful and distinctive graphics

The story of this game is very enjoyable, has wonderful and artistic playgrounds, and it is a very distinctive game that you can download for free. Download it and enjoy your time.

To download Morphite Premium mod apk from here

Genshin Impact game

This game was exported a very short time ago and is considered one of the best games and got very popular due to its beauty, wonderful design and distinctive idea.

Its play is easy to use. The graphics of this game are distinctive and very beautiful. This game has been exported to mobile phones. The console of this game is very wonderful and beautifully distinguished.

It is one of the recommended games that makes you feel as if you are playing it in front of a computer. Its console is very beautiful and simple. Download Download this game now and enjoy your time.

Download the game link from here

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