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 In this post, we present to you the 6 best honest websites to make money from watching ads for the year 2021-2022 The easiest way to profit from the Internet for beginners through simple and easy tasks related to watching ads, collecting and earning dollars and cash and receiving profits immediately without the need to publish the advertisement

Here you will find the easiest ways to profit from the Internet by watching ads and videos as well, and explaining how to make money for beginners without capital and without any effort through honest, guaranteed and 100% reliable sites.

Profit from Vidoza

It is the best site among Youtube alternatives to earn money, and it differs from international video platforms such as YouTube, Viddo, Brid TV, Patreon, or the famous company Rumble.

Whereas, Vidoza is completely similar to traditional file uploading sites, but it enables you to include the video that you upload inside the websites and it will appear in the same way that the embedded YouTube videos appear inside the sites, and you can also send the link to watch the video directly to friends or publish it on sites Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and Telegram

And others ....

Advertisements will appear within your video for the viewer, this is the profit system from the Vidoza site, the ads that appear in the video, and there are three types of ads:

Skippable ads (similar to YouTube ads)

Popup ads (optional) have a high profit return

Notification ads, and these ads appear as notifications at the top of the video, which the viewer can click on or cancel by pressing the remove button

For more details on how to work with this site, and to watch the video for a practical explanation, enter here

Profit from aveprize site

You will register on the site and you will find the registration link on the site at the end of the post

And then you collect points and collect points. It has three methods of accumulation. You can profit from this site through the method

The main thing is to watch daily ads, and there are other ways to make money, namely:

First: Every day you enter and play only one game, you get 10 points on a daily basis

Second: For every game you play for the first time, you get 10 points

Third: Through the referral link, every person who registers through your referral link will earn 3 points for each person who registers through your referral link

And every day, you transfer the points into balance and withdraw your balance via Paypal, Payza, Payoneer or G2A account

For more details about this method, enter here

Profit from Fireads

Large companies place bids for them in these companies designated for executing proposals

Means on the principle of ads, but in a slightly different way, such as watching ads and advertising videos

You will register on the site, which we will explain to you in the video below, and you will find the registration link on the site at the end of this post

After registering on the site you will enter the offers section, you will find offers that you are required to promote

You will earn an amount of money for each person who carries out these offers through your link

Among the best companies and sites in this field is Fireads, which enables you to earn money from the Internet easily by watching third-party ads and private advertising companies.

For more details about this method, enter here

Profit from Rapidworkers

It is a for-profit site that relies on the method of promoting offers through a site dedicated to promoting CPA offers

It provides you with two ways to earn money, which are profit by watching ads and videos, visiting websites, and downloading programs and applications

You can also profit by paying and promoting special offers

But we advise you the paid way to work in this field in profit from the Internet, because it is the fastest and most profitable way, and it is the one that brings you very large profits.

While the free method is to enable you to earn average amounts that enable you to achieve a decent income

You will register with cpalead, a company that specializes in providing CPA offers

You will profit from this method, not between $ 50 to $ 100 a day, if you work hard with him and give him enough time and focus on working remotely at home on the Internet

For more details about this site and how to profit from it, enter here

Profit from Ysense

Ysense is a very old and established site that has very great credibility in the field of profit via PTC

It was previously named Clixsense and its name has been changed for reasons of updating the site

Hundreds of thousands of publishers work on the site who implement the services and make money for them

And hundreds of thousands of advertisers put their ads and jobs on the site and give people money

What distinguishes Ysense from the rest of the PTC sites is that it awards 0.02 dollars for each click on the advertisement

This number is very high compared to the rest of the sites that give $ 0.001 per click

Not only that! , Indeed, the Ysense site also gives money profit through many ways on the site, for example: Profit from the referral system

Where the site gives a percentage between 20% to 30% of the profits of everyone who registers through your referral link

It also gives a profit of $ 0.01 for every click made by people who register via your referral link

You can accumulate a lot of money through ads and watch paid videos on the dashboard

On your site

For more details about this site, registration on it and profit from it, enter here

Profit from zareklamy site

The zareklamy website is a service that brings subscribers, website visits, comments and followers to all social media platforms.

But it differs from the rest of the follower-bringing sites, as all sites to get subscribers and followers depend on the principle of exchange

While the zareklamy website depends on the principle of advertising and granting money to whoever implements the services of the increases

That is, there are international companies that have websites or pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These companies request a certain number of visits, followers, or subscribers from the zareklamy site and pay him money for that.

Here, the site grants profits for each visit or follow-up process or any of the services offered

Among the most prominent of these services and tasks that are required to be performed to earn money is watching videos and ads

The site also pays payment methods via Paypal, bank transfer, and also enables you to withdraw profits via Western Union

For more details and to register on the site, enter here

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