Financial Grants for Youth to Participate Eurasia Global International Youth Forum in Russia

In this article, we present to you how to get a financial grant from Russia in the amount of 500 thousand rubles for young people for the year 2021-2022 to participate in the Eurasia International Forum jointly with the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Rosmolodezh , Grants for Youth to Participate in the 2021-2022 Eurasia Global International Youth Forum

The Gorchakov Fund, in partnership with the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Rosmolodezh and the National Youth Council of Russia, has invited foreign people to participate in the special competition for traditional financial grants under the title Youth Forum, which will be held on September 2-8, 2021 in  Orenburg Scholarships

This opportunity is available to people who have ideas for projects in the field of public diplomacy with the aim of strengthening cooperation and relations between the applicant's country and the State of Russia.

Features and benefits offered to the contestant on the Russian Financial Scholarship

The Gorchakov Special Fund will provide financial grants in the amount of 200,000 to 500,000 rubles for one project , 

What are the criteria and conditions for applying for the Russian financial scholarship

This opportunity is available to foreign youth participating in the Eurasia Global Forum to obtain free financial grants to finance projects, students and individuals.

Also for Russian and European citizens who live outside Russia and who participate in the Eurasia Global Forum , Grants for Youth to Participate in the 2021 Eurasia Global International Youth Forum

Prior to the forum, the Gorchakov Fund will provide online preparation lessons on how to complete and submit an application and to improve the skills required to fully manage the project.

Rosmolodezh experts will present the grants and select a number of participants whose travel expenses will be covered by the Rosmolodezh organization in order to attend the International Youth Forum.

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Available nationalities: Nationality is not specified

Age: from 18 to 35

Gender: Available for both sexes for men and women

Location of the opportunity: in the Russian Federation

Required documents: A special application form attached to the CV file

How to Create a Professional Resume CV plus a PDF and Word Template

For more information and details and to register for the financial grant, enter here

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