The biggest financial competition to win $1,000 for free presented by Visual Art Open

In this post, we offer you an explanation of how to participate in the most important and largest free financial competition to win money for free, more than 1000 dollars easily via the Internet provided by Visual Art Open for Visual Arts Online with cash prizes, gifts and valuable financial prizes 2021-2022

The Visual Art Open Foundation has offered a special competition for artists available online for those who wish to participate in it from all over the world.

This competition is non-profit and is open to all professional and novice artists around the world.

The main meaning of this competition is to give artists a special platform to develop their career and passion in the field of arts.

The semi finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their work as well as the opportunity to sell and present it to art critics and interested buyers.

What are the categories for the financial competition?

In the competition there are five main categories in which the participant can classify himself:

Drawing in color, multimedia and also in print

drawing in general

field of sculpture

digital art and photography

There is a special category for young artists from 16 to 24

What are the advantages and benefits for the participant in the financial competition?

The last winner of the competition will receive a valuable cash prize of more than $1,000

Will have the opportunity to display paintings in an art gallery

He will also receive a secondary mentorship program

Al-Wafa participates in the international online art fair for the finalists

He will get free job development talks

He will get a 20% special offer on Cass Art

The winners of each individual category will also receive a prize money of £250

The contestant will receive a certificate provided by the sponsoring institution

The works of the semi-finalists will be shown at Deepbridge Chester

Contestants will also receive publicity for social media promotions and email coverage of up to 50,000, as well as invitations to attend special annual shows.

What are the criteria and conditions for applying for the financial competition?

Each participant is allowed to participate in a maximum of five artworks in the competition, at a cost of 20 pounds for the first work, 10 pounds for each additional artwork he makes, where the total amount must be a maximum of 60 pounds.

As for children and young artists over the age of 24, they pay only £15 for the first work and £10 for each additional work, with a total of up to 55 for the five works that are listed.

Nationalities: America, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Portugal, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey, Congo, South Africa and all countries of the world.

Specialties: Art, Design and Music

Gender: Available for both sexes (men and women)

Required documents: A sample of the contestant’s work and the application for submission attached to the CV file

How to Create a Professional Resume CV plus a PDF and Word Template

For more information and to apply for the free financial competition, enter here

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