Contracting Company Sections : Organizational Structure Model for a Contracting Company

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Many investors who want to invest their money are looking for the best ways, investments and companies that can be built and that achieve great profits.

The types of investments differ, including investments in deposits and investment in stocks, including investments in gold, investment in trade, and investment in various companies.

Many investors prefer to invest in companies, because the capital that will be put is paid on the ground, and the investor realizes that these funds have given him a tangible result.

As for the types of companies, the companies vary and vary, including companies for export, companies for selling, different shops and many countless types of companies, but what will be focused on in this article is the contracting companies.

Contracting companies are companies that specialize not only in sales and leasing, but have developed and become more comprehensive.

Contracting companies specialize in selling and renting shops and apartments, purchasing as well as supervising and supervising construction projects.

Where real estate companies are supervising many construction projects, including the provision of building materials and the provision of workers, the process of construction and private business in real estate companies has become more extensive.

The most important sections of real estate or contracting companies

Many investors who want to open an engineering project to build real estate companies may wonder about many details, and among these details are what are the special departments in the real estate company.

The departments of the real estate company should be an organizational structure to facilitate communication and division of work.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Executive Board and Secretary

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and also the Chairman of the Executive Board, and there must be a private secretary in the department.

Financial Management Department

The second level of the company's financial management, engineering management and human resource management.

As for the financial management, supervision is made in this section on the accounts of the company, as well as the special section in the internal audit and supervision of banks and projects.

Special department for cost accounting such as warehousing, procurement and generation.

Engineering Management Department

Engineering Management Section: In this section, projects are implemented and put forward, and there is also a special technical section in contracts and tenders, as well as the executive civil section, and there is also a summary of the maintenance of maintenance workshops.

Human Resource Management Department

In this section, personnel affairs are taken care of, and there is also a special office for work and insurance, the medical insurance office and all special administrative affairs, including archiving the company’s papers.

So all the people who want to build and establish a real estate company must make sure that all these departments are present in the company to ensure the successful operation of the process

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