How to Create a Professional Resume CV plus a PDF and Word Template

In this article, we offer you an explanation of How to Create a Professional Resume CV , as some are looking for a way to write a CV in English to provide a job and the easiest way to enable you to write a CV and a PDF and Word CV template ready for writing and the best short and long CV templates

How to create a professional resume CV for employment

Paying attention to the method of writing a CV increases the chance of obtaining more suitable jobs that suit the qualifications and components of the job applicant or CV owner.

The way to make a CV for employment is not as complicated as some think, so you can make a CV on your mobile phone, and you can write a CV about yourself.

In the beginning, the person who wants to make a CV should see the templates, the method of writing a ready made CV, and the specialized CV models on the Internet, and take advantage of the method of placing information and special arrangement.

The user should avoid copying and writing the CV ready from the Internet

Choosing a font for writing is appropriate, and therefore it is recommended to avoid decorative fonts and to choose clear and understandable fonts.

It is recommended that the font size be from 10 to 12 in general

You should focus on the basic information and avoid mentioning the information only to fill out the CV, and this makes it easier for the employers to whom the CV was submitted to review it.

Use clear, easy-to-understand words

Allocate a special field for achievements in the scientific, educational and practical fields.

Determine the type of resume, as there is a resume for specific jobs and another resume for public jobs.

Searching for job sites and listing the most important requirements for the job you want to apply for.

Continuously updating the CV

At the beginning of the CV, a paragraph must be placed in which to write about the reason and need for obtaining this job and describe the owner of the CV fully qualified to obtain it.

Writing attractive words that have been acquired in detail and this is to attract attention and increase the chances of getting offers.

The CV must be free of grammatical errors and must include a valid email and phone number.

The number of CV pages should not exceed two pages, for the private sector, but for the public sector, it is from four to five pages.

Do not write anything related to social life

Show the biography that the user has written to his friends and close people in order to get an impression of it.

What are the important elements to include in a CV?

The curriculum vitae must be written as necessary elements, which are personal information:

Full name

Address (residence and residence address)

Telephone number




Social status

Driving license (if available)

personal speech

At the beginning of the CV, a paragraph should be placed in order to attract the reader's attention to continue reading the CV, as it must include the basic skills that are related to the job submitted to it.

academic achievement

The academic, educational and professional qualifications, as well as the individual’s academic degrees, must be listed in order from newest to oldest, and the date of their completion.

Interests and Hobbies

This part is not necessary to write, and if it is written, it is preferable to put it at the end of the resume, which is an overview of the person.

the reviewer

This part is also not mandatory in the CV, but the person can add some companies, former employers and teachers, in addition to putting their numbers and ways to communicate with them, if the employer wishes to communicate with them and verify the capabilities.

A person's basic skills

The skills he possesses must be put in a smooth, clear and simple way, which shows the positive points of the resume holder and the skills that fit the job. These three skills must be put mainly, namely, adapting easily, gaining experience easily, and flexibility.

Each section of the CV should include a clear title

The biographical information should be arranged in order of importance, as the most important information should be placed at the beginning and the unimportant information at the end

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