Earn money online via Jumia : Your Comprehensive Guide to Explain the Jumia Affiliate Platform

In this article, we present to you an explanation of the way to profit from the jumia website, a guide to start working on the Internet, an explanation of the jumia affiliate platform, the Jumia affiliate platform, how to register on the Jumia website and open a store on Jumia, and how much is the jumia commission and details of working with Jumia America, France, Finland, India, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Italy and Australia  Canada, Spain, Portugal, Norway, South Africa, Ukraine, Romania, Britain, Croatia, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, all countries of the world, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, all European countries, countries of the world, all global and African countries for the year 2022

Profiting through the Jumia website is one of the most wonderful ways to profit online, as you can earn a lot of money every month through the site, and that is 100% legal.

It is a special site to buy products from within stores.

The site is suitable for all people who want to work seriously and make real jihad to collect money and work on the site requires effort and perseverance.

But this work that will be done through the site is a work that can be taken as a basic factor and a great income and wealth can be achieved from it.

In this article, we will provide all the information related to the Jumia website.

What is the Jumia website?

Jumia is one of the most important and largest electronic stores in the European and African region, and for French people it is considered one of the most important electronic stores.

What are the sections of the Jumia website?

The site contains many, many tangible physical products that many people need in their daily lives, as these products are divided into groups and classifications, namely:

Department of mobiles and tablets

Jumia Global section, and this section contains products that are imported from abroad, and most of them are products related to clothing.

The special section in electronics, as this section contains all electronic devices from security monitoring devices, TV and all the devices that come to the customer's mind.

Fashion Department

It contains shoes, bags, and clothes

Health and beauty department

This section contains perfumes, makeup, skin care products and many more.

Baby Care Products Division

You will find many products for children, especially baby care.

computer section

It contains computers, accessories, laptops of all kinds, and many other things related to the computer.

Home and office department

This section is for electrical and office appliances, all kinds of furniture.

Grocery department

This contains drinks, detergents, food and much more

Auto department

The Automotive section contains auto spare parts and accessories products.

There are other sections, which contain sports equipment, musical instruments, games, etc.

The site provides all these specialties and opportunities for the person to make profits and help him grow and develop through buying and selling.

How to earn money from jumia (methods of profit from jumia affiliate)

There are many ways to profit from the Jumia website, but the most important of them, which is the most famous way, are:

Profit from Jumia through affiliate marketing

Where this method is considered one of the most important methods in the electronic markets, many stores and companies offer this method.

The matter is done by entering the registration page and entering the data for the personal account such as name, e-mail, regions and phone number.

But in the last box on the right side, the user's website link must be entered, such as the YouTube channel, a page he owns, and others.

After that, clicking on register at the bottom, the site will send a test page to make sure that the user is not a robot.

Then the site will send the user to a page and you must check the email before going to it.

As there is a confirmation message with a link, you must click on this link and enter the user's password.

In the next step, you will return to the website link and enter the email and password, and the account will be activated successfully.

To go to the account for profit with the commission on Jumia, you must click on the logo or the logo of the site located in the left corner at the top, and this shows the commission marketing page.

Profit from Jumia by building a website

It is possible to build a business and create a special website to sell and market products where any site owned by the user can be joined to Jumia and it must be related to the products they are offering.

Where you can put the link for the commission marketing for the person on his own site Jumia exit and send customers to Jumia to purchase products, and this helps in increasing profits.

Profit from Jumia via YouTube channel

This is a new and innovative method, where it is possible to create a YouTube channel specialized in presenting products and to put the special link on the site at the bottom of the video, which makes viewers go to buy this product through the user's link

Profit through social media on Jumia

Social networking sites are very large, as they can be used and exploited to market products on Jumia.

This matter can be published on all pages of the user and put his referral link for people to go and shop through this link. This will help in achieving great profits

For more details and detailed information on how to profit from jumia, enter here

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