A Financial Competition in Canada of $4,000, prizes and Gifts from the Mosquers Film Festival

In this article, we offer you the best free financial competition in Canada to win a financial prize of $4000 at the Mosquers Film Festival for the film industry

You can participate in the competition online remotely, send files via the Internet, and win prizes and gifts 2021 2022 2023

The Mosquers Festival is a short film making competition whose primary objective is to educate, entertain and build connections by showcasing diverse talents and experiences.

Mosquers Festival was created in 2006 with the aim of countering media stereotypes about Muslims and the Islamic faith to win money from instant jackpot contests and real money prizes.

Since then, the Mosquers organization has become well known in Canada and continues to attract the interest of an increasing audience on an international level.

The evening includes a special red carpet party, screening of the short films qualified for the finals, an entertainment segment in the form of fiction, as well as the presentation of prizes to the winners.

The party ends with a special mixing of the contestants, participation and communication in the atmosphere of the festival.

What are the benefits, benefits and prizes that the contestants will win?

The best-rated film will receive CAD 4,000 by including mosquers through narration, cinematography, sound, scenes, and editing.

The film that is rated the best technical quality will receive 1,000 Canadian dollars, which is based on the use of the best visual and sound elements of the film such as sound, cinematography, visual and sound effects, graphic effects, graphic art and others.

The film rated as the best performance will receive 1,000 Canadian dollars based on the performance of the actors in their role.

The film selected by the audience will also receive 1,000 Canadian dollars, through a direct public opinion poll, during the voting process via messages.

The film rated Best Domestic will receive CAD 2000, as the special judges will view all the films submitted and will select a film according to special criteria.

If a film cannot be selected in these four categories, it will continue to be shown at the Film Festival.

Entries are not limited to just one prize, but several valuable prizes.

Criteria and conditions for applying for the valuable financial award in Canada

The Mosquers Festival accepts films of all genres including animation, documentary live event, action comedy and so on.

The competition is open to applicants all over the world with the aim of achieving unity through the following objectives:

Showcasing the films and talents of Muslim filmmakers, as everyone can participate, but team members are required to identify themselves as Muslims.

An Islamic experience must be presented: The festival invites participants from different faiths to present their experiences with Muslim people and the Islamic religion.

Nationality No specific nationality is required, so the following countries are accepted: Canada, America, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Japan, Egypt, Congo, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, France, South Korea, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and many more European countries. Refugees, residents, citizens and expatriates are accepted for these  Countries

Skills Required: Filmmaking

Specific age: No age is required

Gender: unisex (men and women)

Venue: In Canada

The required documents are a sample of the applicant's work, similar to a Cv

For more information and details, to register for the competition and the financial prize here

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