Free Scholarship for Females Partially Funded by University of Sussex UK

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the conditions for applying for a partially and fully funded free scholarship for females in some cases in the field of music and technology provided by Sussex University without the English language requirement for high school students, how do I get a free scholarship for girls in Egypt and all Arab countries for the year 2021  -2022

Many students are looking for distinctive scholarships to apply for in order to complete their academic career and acquire various skills in other countries and learn about different cultures, and mainly what the scholarships focus on is covering expenses

So in this article we will present one of the partially funded scholarships for females in the field of music technology that are offered by Sussex university 

Information on the Free Scholarship at the University of Sussex

The University of Sussex has offered the Gazelle Twin Scholarship, which is a scholarship in the field of Music Technology as the name of the scholarship is named after one of the distinguished elite graduate of the University of Sussex

The university is pleased to give the name of this scholarship to this graduate, as we mentioned, it is an introduction for female candidates to study a Bachelor of Music or Music Technology in 2021.

Information about the scholarship

Only one scholarship is available

The scholarship includes a cash prize

What are the benefits and good things offered

The value of the scholarship is 500 euros

What are the criteria and conditions to apply for the free scholarship

The scholarship is mainly aimed at females, so men are not allowed to apply for it

The applicant must have obtained an offer to study a Bachelor’s degree in Music or a Bachelor of Music Technology starting from September 2021

Information about the University of Sussex, UK

The British University of Sussex offers very distinctive research topics, as it is based in England

The university has a local and international outlook and includes a number of staff and students from more than 100 countries, as it is characterized by frequent participation in community activities and services.

More than 75% of the activities that take place at the university are rated as distinctive globally, as they are very original and accurate

The university also carries out many activities that are ranked first in business related to climate action, food and the renewable economy

Nationalities required for the free scholarship

No specific nationality is required. Applicants are accepted from Turkey, Germany, Austria, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Canada, America and all  Countries of the world

Specialization required for the scholarship for girls

Art, design and music

Skills Required in the Scholarship

Music Arts Music Technology

Required age for scholarship

No specific age required

The gender required for this scholarship

For females only

Free Scholarship Opportunity Location

in the UK

Documents required to apply for the scholarship

Application for submission

For more information and to apply for the free scholarship for girls, enter here

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