How to change the language in TikTok

Dear visitors of my topic network, we will give you in this article an explanation of how to change the language in TikTok and  how to change the content of Tik Tok and an invalid special character of TikTok, how to change the TikTok password, the details of the TikTok account and how to activate the TikTok account and the TikTok counter 2021

The TikTok application is a special application for social communication, as it is characterized by many special and new characteristics that made it one of the distinguished applications from the rest of the communication applications.

As the application gives the ability to play short video clips, insert and attach music that fits with the video, and then it is allowed to publish it on the personal page after making modifications to it, control the speed of the video and special effects

This gives a great opportunity to design and produce for people the clips that are published on the user's page

The content can be viewed by friends and followers who start interacting with the clips through comments, likes and shares, and this will give the video a greater spread.

Through the application, funny and strange videos, as well as special clips that contain talent, can be published and presented to the public with ease.

With the expansion of the audience base for the application, and this many people began to ask questions, such as changing the e-mail, changing the profile picture, and many other questions.

But what will be answered in this article is how to change the language in TikTok

The first step is to change the language in the TikTok application

The user must first have an account on TikTok

After that, you must enter the application and press the button at the bottom right of the page

The user account interface will appear, so you must press the three dots on the top right of the screen

The second step to change the language in TikTok

First, you must click on the general settings

Now you must click on the switch language option, which will change the language

At this stage, all the languages ​​available to the user will appear and the user can choose between them freely

After that, you must press the button on the top right in red Done

After doing all these steps, the application language will be changed with ease and the process of use will become much easier

With this, the user is ready to browse freely and in the language that suits him, and this allows the user to fully use the features and options of the application, after understanding them in an excellent and complete manner and in the user’s own language

A glimpse of the Chinese program TikTok

It is worth noting that the TikTok application was spread at the beginning of 2016 and won more than 2 billion downloads on smart application stores, and this is due to the features, the easy method of use, and the smart idea on which the application was based.

In general, new accounts are created in the application almost daily, so the user asks questions, many of which are questions about changing the language in order to use the application completely without any special obstacles standing in the way of the ideal experience

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