How to get a job after graduation with digital company Hotmart

In this post, we offer you an explanation of how to get a job after graduation for university students and undergraduates, and the easiest way to get your dream job with a high salary without experience through the Internet by applying for a job with a respectable monthly salary with Hotmart, the leading technology company in the field of developing commercial companies to shop to increase  Sales in America, Brazil, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Portugal, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, Angola, India and all countries of the world 2021

Technology, software and technology companies have become very many, due to the urgent need for them by brands and companies that need a website that works on the Internet to attract customers and buyers, and perhaps Hotmart is one of the most prominent digital and software companies that have a wide reputation around the world.

What is Hotmart, its advantages and how to get a job in it

It is a Spanish non-governmental company, but it has many offices and branches around the world, such as the Netherlands and other offices in Brazil, the United States, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and France.

It supports the many languages including Arabic through its blog. It is an independent institution that is not subject to any organizations or entities that run themselves.

Hotmart is considered one of the leading digital companies in the field of corporate development and enables people to take advantage of many advantages, including free and paid ones.

Perhaps one of the most prominent free services are daily seminars, courses and training courses to teach people.

ways to profit from commission marketing, ways to increase sales, promote products on the Internet, and earn money for free through a commission on each product sold by a user.

As for paid services, they are the basis on which Hotmart is built, as it provides analyzes and solutions for companies and online stores according to the largest experts in this field, who help companies develop themselves and increase of its work with high savvy and a very large experience.

How to get a job with Hotmart

Hotmart has dedicated a special section for employment and work with it, and if you are one of the lucky ones and have been accepted to work with the company, consider that you have already got the dream job.

The salary of the hotmart company is very high, because it is a job with a high salary, and the monthly salary can be obtained through bank transfer or through PayPal, and you can receive the salary and profits through other methods if you are unable to receive the salary through the previous methods.

Hotmart needs a large section of employees with different interests and experiences, so you should focus well on the ingredients and requirements that the applicants have, if you have one of those ingredients and the course of the job, hurry to apply for the job to get it.

Requirements to get a job

Hotmart needs employees and workers for the following departments and tasks:

Administrative (managers and administrators)

Customer Service (Support Team)

trade expert

Financial matters (accounting and coordination)

Development of software, websites and applications

data scientist

Data and enterprise intelligence

Legal expert (lawyer)

IT Infrastructure and Security

Localization and translation (for each employee language)

Marketing experts

Photography Experts

Marketing Analyst

Social media expert

Brand Strategist

Data Analyst (Financial)

Business Strategy Analyst

IT Operations Analyst

Customer Success Consultant - Contract Negotiation

data engineer

Internal Communications Analyst - International Focus

Talent Experience Analyst

Career and Experience Analyst Talent Partnership

Accounts Payable Analyst

tax analyst

Internal Auditor - Focus on Taxes

Ombudsman Agent

Customer Service Supervisor (bilingual)

Customer Service Agent (Colombia) 

Products (Product Marketing Manager)

Risk and Compliance

Human Resources

How to apply for a job

After studying the job opportunities and vacancies with the company and after you get a job that suits you, choose it, prepare your CV and send it through the section designated for that as shown in the picture.

You can apply for the job through the jobs section of the Hotmart official website, but before you start applying for the job, you must prepare your CV and send it with the data and information that you will send with the application.

To prepare your CV with high professionalism, read the following article

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To enter the vacancies and recruitment section of Hotmart from here

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