How to Get Started in Selling on Amazon : How to Successfully Marketing Amazon Products

In this article, we present to you an explanation of how to start a sales project on Amazon, the method of marketing Amazon products successfully, what is the meaning of the term FBA, how I work with Amazon and affiliate marketing, Amazon in Europe, my experience in selling on Amazon 2021-2022, how much Amazon commission, and how to make money from the Internet through marketing in Amazon company

The user will find many videos and articles on the Internet that deal with the topic of profit and selling on Amazon.

This idea may be simpler than it is apparent and also working in it is very profitable, but it consumes time and many efforts that must be made to obtain the best results.

There are a lot of beginners looking for topics related to Amazon, and the most prominent of these topics are:

Countries allowed to sell on Amazon

How to sell on Amazon from Germany

Selling course on Amazon

Selling on Amazon from America, Turkey, Canada and all countries of the world.

Detailed explanation of selling on Amazon

My experience selling on amazon

Selling on Amazon from Britain, Italy, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria.

Detailed information about Amazon

Most people from around the world have heard of Amazon, which is the largest selling company in America, European countries and the world

There is something that must be mentioned, which is that when buying something from this company, the customer does not necessarily buy from it, but rather buys from someone who sells through this company, through a service called Amazon FBA service.

The term FBA is an abbreviation of the word fulfillment by Amazon, which means that Amazon stores all the products of sellers who use this service. When a customer orders this product, the company sends the product to him

Example: A person has 100 pieces of a certain product and wants to sell them through Amazon.

This person will ship these products to Amazon in any country that has stores or branches of the company.

This person must do the following in the promotion process and everything related to the process of attracting customers to this product if a customer orders this product through the company.

Amazon will ship the order and receive the money from it, and after two weeks, the company will transfer the money to the product seller's account after deducting their commission.

Amazon is responsible for all services related to customer service and the operations of returned goods, and the primary seller is not referred to except in some special cases.

This service is more than great as all merchants can put their merchandise in the huge Amazon warehouses.

This ensures the process of shipping and selling products and display them 24 hours a day continuously.

People who use this feature get many advantages including:

Achieving a large sales number and by offering the user’s product is available in an offer provided by the company to customers under the name Amazon Prime and this service gives free shipping for any order that exceeds the invoice value of $25.

The company also provides the ability to deliver the order within two days within America.

Merchants who register for this service do not need to be in their projects permanently, and this allows freedom of travel and movement and is available anywhere in the world where the Internet is available.

The service provides the merchant with stores and workers who prepare the product and ship it.

Where the management process is from home, and from time to time a quantity of the product is sent to Amazon to provide the product continuously.

Goods can be shipped directly to Amazon warehouses from the supplier to the company directly, if there is confidence in the supplier without the need for the products to pass on the merchant.

Private companies can also be used to help check the quality of the product before shipping the product to Amazon

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