How to recover a deleted or stolen TikTok account ?

In this article, we will give you an explanation of how to recover a TikTok account and recover a stolen TikTok account, how to recover a disabled TikTok account, log in TikTok, how to restore a permanently banned Tik Tok account and a link to retrieve a banned TikTok account, how to retrieve a banned TikTok account, retrieve a hacked TikTok account and retrieve  TikTok account without phone number 2021-2022

The TikTok application has very huge audiences spread all over the world, as the number is 2 billion downloads, which is a very large number and is not compared to any application

With the spread of the application and the features that it gives, it has become rare for people not to have TikTok accounts

There are many people who may be exposed to some critical situations such as that they have deleted their TikTok account intentionally or unintentionally.

After that, they wanted to get back the account in any way possible, and this is what will be discussing in this article

Some important information about the Chinese TikTok program

The TikTok application is one of the applications that outperformed Facebook, Instagram and all social networking sites, as it is also classified as a social networking site.

It provides users with many advantages and the basic idea of ​​the application is to shoot short and long videos and publish them to users

The user can also view, comment or like other users' videos

The user can also send messages to each other privately

TikTok is an easy to use application that has made millions of people addicted to it, as it also allows you to edit videos with complete freedom.

Where the user can hide the sound of the original video, add a sound from a clip in a song or movie, and add many different effects such as slowing down the speed of the video and manipulating all possible forms to create beautiful content and get likes

Some may think that the TikTok application is a special application for entertainment, but this is completely wrong, as there are many people who have gathered wealth through their accounts in TikTok

Statistics have shown that there are numbers of influencers and celebrities on TikTok who get $150,000 for every video they publish, and the clip does not exceed a minute, so if a person thinks it is just for fun, the issue should be reconsidered.

For people who are looking for an answer to recover their TikTok account, it is as follows

The easiest way to recover a deleted or stolen TikTok account

At first, the user must open the TikTok application on his mobile phone

Also, by clicking on the user icon in the bottom corner

In the next step, the application will ask you to either create a new account or log in. The user must press log in

After pressing login, you must enter the data for the account that the user wants to restore

After entering the data, the application will send a message informing the user that this account is inactive

At this point, the user must click on the Reactive tab

In order to recover the account after deleting it

If this box does not appear, it means that the account that the user deleted is more than 30 days old

This means that the account cannot be recovered in any way

Important information before thinking about recovering your TikTok account

The user must make sure that if he wants to recover his account, it has been more than 30 days

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