How to recover a disabled TikTok account ?

In this article, we will give you an explanation of how to easily get back a disabled TikTok account

how to recover a banned Tik Tok account without a phone number recover a stolen TikTok account, and what is the TikTok company number, and solve a problem Your account has been permanently banned due to multiple violations Community instructions and technical support

The TikTok and registration details  Login to the TikTok account and how to recover a hacked or disabled TikTok account and solve the problem of violating TikTok Community Guidelines 2021-2022

After the spread of the TikTok application all over the world and won more than 2 billion downloads, it is rare that there is a person who does not have an account on this fascinating application.

What has increased the audience base is that the application is not only considered a special application for entertainment, but there are many people who have a large fan base and achieved a fantastic percentage of profits in a short time

As the app allows users all over the world to post videos and interact with and comment on clips posted by other followers

And also sending private messages between them, so we may find that there are many people and users whose accounts are disabled for some reason or that they deleted it by mistake

And they talk about ways to recover a disabled TikTok account, and this matter will be discussed in this article, but in the beginning it is necessary to give a glimpse of the TikTok application

Important details about the TikTok app. 

The TikTok application is an application that was released on mobile application stores in 2016 and is an application that fits Android and iPhone phones freely

The application is a special application for editing videos and uploading them to the platform, and other users can interact with these videos by commenting, liking and sharing

Also, users can freely exchange messages with each other

Users can also do live broadcasts to interact directly with their followers and interact with the audience freely

The process of user interaction and editing on these short or long videos that are uploaded is a very large process

As the application provides many effects and capabilities to mute the sound of the original video, add sounds from clips from movies or audio clips, music, modify the speed of video display and many other things that help to give creative content to the best in slot

This is what made users from all over the world download the app

For people who have created an account on TikTok and an error occurred and they deleted it by mistake or intentionally and would like to restore it, they ask the special question to recover the disabled TikTok account without a phone number

So at first the user should know all the private policies in the app

And also all the information that revolves around the application in order to avoid any damages

How to recover a disabled TikTok account

The user must log in to the TikTok application and press log in

In the next step, you must enter the account information that the user would like to retrieve

In the next step, the application will send a message to the account holder that the account has been disabled, and the application will allow it to be reactivated

In the last stage, you must click on the word Reactive, which allows to restore the account

If this box does not show up, it means that the account was deleted thirty days ago, and this means that the account can never be restored and the user needs to create a new account

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